Monday, January 9, 2012

Hair today

bye bye Katie hair.
 So I've gone and chopped my hair, no it’s not that extreme... but to me its feeling pretty daring. 
I had my hair like this 4 years ago and loved it, But I am so used to wearing my hair up and in victory rolls (my fringe hair is TOTES too short to do that...what will I blog about now?!)
my hair without flash
 I need to get more bleach to freshen up my badger hair, once that’s done, I will be as happy as Larry!

I am kind of liking it, Not 100% certain, I wasn’t planning on cutting my hair, I just...did it.  Impulsive? Me? Yes. The man in my life mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dump me due to his hatred of fringes, But sure, if he loves me Ill still be in a relationship in the morning!
My hair with flash


Anonymous said...

Holy Heck!!
Your new hair looks amazing!!!
As do you x
(relationship still on) :)

WhatKatieDid... said...

Hahahahahaha I will NEVER get shot of you will I?!

Anonymous said...

No chance! :)

Get over here!!!

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

Right, so you do not look like a toad!!!!

This is very cool lady. I like it :) glad The Man does too!

La Dama said...

You look so adorably cute!
love the last kissy photo.
I'm sure your guy will love your bangs.