Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I really am that woman kids or either terrified of or mystified by.

Red lipstick is the Love of my life.
My second great love, red nail varnish. 
With that said, every now and again I like to break out of my uniform and mix it up a bit with a nice hot pink.
As this blog is about to verify, I don’t know how to accessories when my makeup is so bright ... 
When Katie is in doubt and its cold outside?  Why she whacks a massive pink scarf that really isn’t suitable to be worn on heads, on her head. 

...I think that head scarf may be proof that sometimes, just sometimes experimenting is GRAND in the privacy of your own bedroom. However, I wore it out in public last Tuesday.

You may think with such a brash make up and headscarf look, You would tone the accessories down a bit?

 Well my MASSIVE owl disagrees!

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