Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A general gussy up

Today I dusted, hovered, mopped, freshened, bleached and in general blitzed my room.
You can’t have a display like mine without constant dusting and cleaning.
My dressing table is not quite as cluttered as usual, how very refreshing. 
I was thinking of recording a “room tour” video showing some of my jewellery, clothes, shoes, make up and pretty bras, General sorta bedroomie things.
Let me know and if there’s an audience for it, I will get recording.

Also, here is a little peak at my new Agent Provocateur purchase, the Nikita Corseted brief. 
These are not granny panties, to some they may be- but to me, they are the epitome of pin up classiness.  Totally adore them. 
There is nothing nicer than opening a box from AP. 
Never fails to put a smile on my face.

Fringe day three: I am still not used to it. I think I liked this look on me when I was younger and had a slimmer face! 
I fear I may have made a huge mistake, a mistake I am going to have to wait to grow out for a very, VERY long time. Cry.

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