Monday, October 10, 2016

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lip Kit 'Bloodwine'

'Submit to temptation and make your mouth a metaphysical masterpiece'
Pat McGrath 
Lust 004
Limited Edition
I have amazing friends.
If it wasn't for my dear friend Lily, I would not be writing this blog post so HUGE thanks to Lily for making this possible.
Lily kindly sent me over a Bloodwine kit after I missed out when the Pat McGrath website went into meltdown on the day of release.

I first saw the beautiful images of Bella Hadid & company walking down the catwalk of the Atelier Versace run way in Paris on Twitter, my glamour loving eyes lit up.
After a little research I heard the glitter lips were the creation of the amazing Pat McGrath,  I had to get my paws on Lust Kit 004 and I am so glad I did. 
Absolutely everything about this kit makes me giddy.
It is just brilliant.
Can we just appreciate the sequins for one second?.
Pat McGrath has been named THE most influential make up artist in the world and its not hard to see why- her make up looks are mind blowing.
This Lust 004 kit in Bloodwine kit contains two lipsticks, one vinyl lip gloss, one pot of blood glitter and one pot of gold pigment.

I am going to blog about the metallic gold pigment and the clear vinyl gloss tomorrow because it is just AMAZING and deserves a post of its own.
I absolutely get that a glitter lip is not everyones cup of tea, I would wear one every day if i could get away with it!
So if you hate the idea of glitter lips, I can assure you the lipsticks on their own are absolutely gorgeous and superior to most in their quality and wearability.
In the above picture I am wearing Blood 1 Lipstick.
The Blood microfine glitter is a pleasure to use.
I have created my own version of a glitter lips in the past, using Barry M glitter (which is pretty good but rather coarse) and also with M.A.C glitter, which is a step up from Barry M but nothing can top Pat McGrath's Blood microfine glitter.
I pressed the glitter over Blood 1 but I didn't add the gloss for a matte look.
Now I am no runway model but putting on a glitter lip and blogging about it made me feel absolutely deadly. 
There is something about playing with glitter that fills you with a childlike glee- 
money can't buy that kind of lovely feeling.
This is the Blood glitter worn over Blood 2 which is my absolute favourite.
I am usually not too much of a dark lip fan. The glitter gives it a whole new life of its own.
Through the roof.
The below picture is of Blood 2 lipsticks sans glitter.
 A brilliant dark plummy lip colour.
Still intensely vampish and gorgeous but I have to say, the glitter wins for me.
These kits are like gold dust and so hard to get, I think Bloodwine is sold out.
The kits will set you back $60 so roughly €53/54 
What do you think? Let me know!

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