Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chanel N°5 L’Eau

CHANEL, another of my great loves.
I would say almost every household in Ireland has a bottle of Chanel N°5 hidden away by someones Granny, Mammy or sister to be kept for good. 
Chanel N°5 is an iconic scent, almost everyone I know has a story about either loving or loathing the scent.
I personally LOVE Chanel N°5 but it is strong scent and I know it gets mixed reactions.
Last week I was rather unwell, I ended up in hospital for a few days. 
As a ‘get well soon’ gift my lovely finance bought me a few CHANEL treats. 
What a man.
I first smelled the newest fragrance in the Chanel N°5 family, L’Eau a few weeks ago (when I decided to spray myself quite liberally in Brown Thomas)
From the second I smelled it, I absolutely adored everything about it. 
L’eau has all the hallmarks of the slightly more mature Chanel N°5 but with a lighter, fresher more youthful scent. 
As I was buying a face cream on the day of my liberal spraying, the lady on the counter gave me a little sample.
An absolutely TINY perfect doll size bottle. 
My heart!
Anyway back to the perfume!
As I was saying, L’Eau is the latest fragrance in the legendary Chanel N°5 line.
I know it is available to buy online but if like me, you like to try before you buy, you can head into Brown Thomas or Debenhams now to give it a whirl.
I am not sure if Boots have L'eau in store yet but Boots are usually fairly great at stocking up on Chanel so expect to see it inshore soon!
I personally love this scent, It smells so clean and fresh.
I have worn it every day since David bought it and I have no got tired of the smell, its quickly turning into a favourite, a little early to make such a claim but there we go!
L'eau has a very elegant scent, as if you would expect anything less from a brand like Chanel.
Chanel N°5 L’Eau has top notes of lemon, mandarin, orange, neroli, and aldehydes. 
The heart of the scent is made up of rose, ylang-ylang and jasmine with a base of cedar and white musk.
Have you tried it yet? Let me know if you like it!
50ML will set you back €89/100ml €126

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