Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lime Crime Velvetines.

Anyone who reads my blog knows I rarely, if ever post negative reviews. 
I prefer to use my blog to spread positivity, Its just how I like to do things.
 However, I actually can not get over how disappointed I am with a few of my recent Lime Crime purchases.
I hear you, I hear you!
I know that Lime Crime has been dogged by drama and controversy in recent years, but I ignored all that and a few years ago, I decided to give Lime Crime a whirl. 
I never had a problem and I loved the products that I tried, One in particular- 
The absolutely delicious Red Velvet from Lime Crimes much loved Velvetines collection.

A few weeks ago, I decided to repurchase Red Velvet as my original had just ran out.
When I was on the website a few others caught my eye and I decided to buy in bulk.
Being 100% honest, I am really, really disappointed.
Lime Crime Velvetines cost €18.13 a pop so you would be hoping to get your €'s worth.
The Red Velvet I repurchased looks entirely different to the original. 
I wish I hadn't thrown my first out as I could show you exactly what I mean, This shade is nowhere as rich and velvety as the original.
In my opinion this is a fairly watered down red in comparison. 
Don't get me wrong, It wears well and still looks nice, but its just NOT the same. 
I guess they may have reformulated it.

Next up on the not so wonderful list:
When I was purchasing it online, I just had to have it- It looked absolutely GORGEOUS and I read a few positive reviews saying the same.
However on me, it looks a bit bland and not as striking.  
Even after first time application it looks like it has been on the whole day, no vibrancy.
I've layered it up for these pictures and it still looks rather lacklustre.
On the Lime Crime website it is described as an 'earthy red hue' but I don't know how to describe it- other than 'just not what I wanted'. 
Full disclosure, I know the picture quality on my blog isn't wonderful ATM as I am using my rather old iPhone, still searching through boxes for my camera and blogging bits.

Now on to the products I have tried and I love: 
'True Love'.
With a name like that how could I not like it?.
Like all of Lime Crime Velvetines, you can layer this colour up a little for a more intense pink.
For a day time look, I decided less is more so this is the result of only one application.
True Love is described as having a beautiful Pinky Red hue, and it lives up to it. 
It really colours your lips like a pretty rose bud.
I really like it, Its more subtle than most of my usual lipstick shades, Its a lovely change.

Something Wicked this way comes!
No, not Macbeth, I am talking about
When I added this to my basket, I wasn't sure I would actually like it, at all.
Mainly because I didn't think I would be able to pull it off.
 It is a Deep blood red hue, And it is absolutely gorgeous. 
I would usually never touch this shade with a bargepole but I am glad I tried it, it is beautiful.

At the minute I am very lazy when it comes to make-up, I cant recall the last time I actually applied eyeshadow! 
I wear my usual black liner and rely heavily on lipstick to pull the look together.
Wicked is my absolute favourite of all the Velvetines, still does not replace my original Red Velvet, I am sure I will get over it, at some point.

Finally I tried out the pretty 90's inspired
Blondie is absolutely deadly, pictures do not do this lipstick any justice.
It is so unlike me, which is why I love it!
When I first put this on, all I could think about was my childhood love for Jem and the Holograms.
I now have a serious want for Pale Pink hair and a sudden need for gigantic pink star earrings.
Truly Outrageous!
A few months ago I was reading about all the Jeffree Star drama, Make-up sweetheart Kat Von D called JS out on Instagram, she then released a youtube video giving her reasons why she was disassociating herself from JS.

I've never liked Jeffree Star, I was a little stunned to hear he had a make up range and it was doing so well, I remembered him from his Myspace days- While Jeffree looks deadly I always found everything about JS and the ever-growing brand to be abrasive and extremely rude and a little creepy.

One of my favourite bloggers, Sera from the Style Guide Blog posted a brilliant review about the drama (which you can read HERE )
  Sera also shared her personal views on Lime Crime and why she will never buy from them. Sera includes a pretty hefty link filled with all the shady Lime Crime facts. Not so sweet!
While I didn't listen at the time, after chatting to a few people about Lime Crime and my disappointment with my purchases, I have to say, I don't think I will be rushing out to buy from Lime Crime any time soon.
Have you had a good or bad Lime Crime experience? Let me know!!!

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