Friday, February 3, 2017

A whole new world

It has been a while since I last blogged, I hope 2017 treats you all very well.
2016 was a horrible year for so many, but it will hold a special place in my families heart forever…
Just before Christmas 2016, David and I welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world
(A little sooner than we expected, if it wasn't a dramatic arrival we would have been shocked!)
We chose not to really share our news until November when I was rather heavily pregnant. 
I masterfully hid my baby bump by spending the last 3 months of my pregnancy taking photo tips from Mike and the Mechanics (Looking back, over my shoulder) so this news may surprise some readers who do not follow me on other social media platforms.

My pregnancy was a little difficult, I was plagued with sickness but powered through. 
I had the most beautiful birth plan ready to go but things took a turn for the worrisome and labour was induced.
I knew I would be okay, David was by my side every step of the way but I had a longing for my parents to be close by.

Giving birth was when I expected it would be, a tough days work.

I had the tunes of Annie Lennox (walking on broken glass, TUNE ) to help me through contractions. 
David lovingly took pictures of me dancing myself through a horrible contraction.

I am a strong woman, I am big and my pain threshold is up there with the best of them, but at times I honestly didn't know how I was going to do it. 
Just as I started to panic that I would not be able to deliver naturally,  It happened! our daughter made her debut.

Moments after baby was safely delivered (by a group of absolutely amazing women) my parents walked in to the delivery room, despite every policy in the hospital the head of the labour ward allowed them in, I will forever be in her debt as it gave my parents the chance to meet their granddaughter mere moments after her birth. Pretty special.

People always say there is no love like the love you feel towards your children, I suppose it is true but I have felt a love like this before, for my whole life really… 
This all consuming love is a version of the love I feel for her father. 
When I look at our baby, my heart feels like it could burst. When I see David, I get a similar feeling. 
When my parents unexpectedly walked through the doors of the labour ward, I had that same heart swelling feeling. I am extremely lucky. 
They are my favourite people. I hope my daughter and future children feel the same when they see me. 

When mum and dad walked in I wanted to cry my eyes out with joy, but I’ve recently discovered that when life changing events happen, I find it a little hard to truly express my feelings. 
Something so amazing as giving birth with the love of your life by your side, after almost losing him a year previously and then the two most amazing people you know walking through the doors….
It is too overwhelming.
Words have always been my thing. If I cant verbalise it, I write it. 
But even now, I don't have the appropriate words. Indescribable joy, pride and love. For my family. My entire and amazing family.

The generosity shown to us in recent weeks has been another heart swelling experience. 
When I visited home I had to extend my stay by a week to accommodate visitors calling to meet baby and shower her with gifts. 
I can safely say they've been some of the loveliest days of my life. The gifts we have received have been so generous and thoughtful. A lot of little nods to Paris.
She is the ‘moving on’ people talk about. We will never forget what happened but she is our focus, our reason to get out of bed and see the light again. 
The house is coming down with beautiful cards and gifts. 
Our little girl is going to be one exceptionally well dressed lady. 
Thanks to my friends, family, neighbours and my friends made through tragedy- the greatest people 

A terrible darkness consumed us, suddenly the world looks a lot brighter.
This world can be scary, but with the amazing roll models our little one has, she's going to have the most wonderful life. We will make sure of it.
We are lucky to know some of the strongest people this world has to offer. She's adored. 
Our love, gratitude and adoration to you all


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