Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What Women Want

I was raised to be polite, be respectful and taught by my wonderful parents to use my voice, be heard and to carry myself as best I can. Online and in reality I am an adamant believer in putting your best foot forward. 
There is no point trying to exude glamour and endorse beauty if you are not a very nice person on the inside. 
My life long love of Rhold Dahl taught me that from a very early age:

Last year, I took part in an RTE documentary, Maia Dunphy’s what women want.
I had a very negative view of myself and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find anything nice about myself.
If you fancy having a look, you can do so HERE
In my segment, we talked about my self perception and my extremely negative body image.
Sitting beside Maia, I felt I shouldn't really be there talking about this- I have a BEAUTY BLOG! People assume I am confident in the skin I am in- Does feeling like this make me a fraud? I had a million thoughts racing around in my head.

After our chat, I was led into a big room where I was asked to describe myself to Court illustrator Mike O Donnell. 
We were separated by a screen and I had to do my best to describe my face as honestly as I could.

I was then taken away and given an intense session with Natasha Fennell, a confidence coach with Stillwater.ie
What Natasha discovered was that I really take peoples perception of me to heart, I want to please people and cant stand the idea of people not liking me. I never want to let people down and I am an extremely self conscious person.
During my session with Natasha I learned to look at myself with kinder eyes. I pushed past my negativity and I overcame my self doubt. 
I had been blocking myself from going forward for a very long time and learned to LIKE myself and see the good in myself.

I was taken back into the room and had to describe myself again to Mike.
The change was instant, as he was asking me about my features it became clear I stopped looking at myself in such a judgemental light. 
I was able to look at myself with kinder eyes.
The before and after pictures were very different. It was strange to see the images side by side as an hour earlier I would never have been able to see the positives.

What Women Want was a wonderful experience and I am so thankful to Maia for making such brilliant documentaries. 
My life has been changed for the better, Anytime I notice self doubt creep in, I breathe in and remember the techniques Natasha taught me.

I'm quite a nice girl and I am happy with my lot in life.
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