Monday, June 15, 2015

County Louth Agricultural Show 2015

Yesterday I attended the County Louth Agricultural Show 2015.
Last year my mother and I had such a ball that there was no way I would miss it this year. 

On Saturday afternoon my boyfriend and I drove from our new home in Cork to County Louth to be sure of attending the show the next day.

While standing looking at a particularly pretty heifer and waiting on my boyfriend returning with a massive ice cream cone, I was approached by a lovely lady to ask me if I would enter the best dressed lady event. 
I am usually a fan of dolling up but yesterday it was so warm I went with a relaxed look.
I wore an all white look with a blush lace coat to keep the sun off my skin.

My Glam Mamma pushed me to accept so I (and the event organiser) insisted she join me in the line up.
Mums a glamorous little lady and looked beautiful so it was only fair she enrol.
To cut a long story short- I won! 
I received a beautiful bunch of flowers and a half day at the Carrickdale Serenity Spa!
I must admit I am absolutely thrilled. 
I never win things and I would never in a million years enter a ‘best dressed’ event. 
It took a little push but it was a real confidence boost and well worth the red face!.
Here's a picture of me looking thrilled with my flowers beside a goat and a lamb in the petting zoo.
My boyfriend thinks me winning was the best thing ever, he was so proud as was my mother...
Hard luck, love! you looked great!.
With relocating to Cork I am a little exhausted, a weekend ‘back home’ to indulge in my spa treat really sounds appealing! 
I will be sure to write a review when I cash in my pamper session.
So that's it!
I had such a great day, here's a little picture with me and the REAL winner of Best Dressed :) 
Thanks to all at the County Louth Agricultural show. 
I cant wait to return next year!

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