Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Garland Row

A few years ago, my blog reached a wider audience thanks to the beautiful Dita Von Teese tweeting about 'What Katie Healy Did'. 
One morning I received a charming email form a wonderful lady called Sarah Gardner wishing me every success. 
remember how that email made me feel so positive, It filled me with confidence and happiness.

From that small act of kindness, I knew Sarah was a lady I wanted to keep in contact with.
Through Instagram I soon realised Sarah was a lady of true glamour, beautiful inside and out.
Not only is she a great person, she just so happens to be a creator of some of the prettiest jewellery I have ever seen. 
With over 20 years experience and training by two master jewellers Garland Row is an independent label you can trust.

I like to adorn myself with delicate, pretty, sparkling little items- 
This is where Garland Row excels. 
I first fell in love with Garland Row’s beautiful diamond star stacking rings.
I decided to order myself one to mark a poignant moment in my life.
I chose this 9 ct White Gold Diamond star

Garland Row's beautiful little creations come from a luxurious boutique in Sydney's, Paddington. Each jewel is made by hand from the open workshop on site.
For me, my jewellery has meaning. 
Not one item I own does not have a story behind it. 

Garland Row understand this, sharing my story with Sarah made the creation of the second ring very special for me. It was made for me with love and understanding and to me, that means everything.
On Valentines Day I ordered my second stacking ring (one was not enough) a beautiful 9CT Gold mini heart with a twinkling Ruby.

From Garland Row’s latest collection: Ophelia, I ordered a Sterling Silver  Claw Set Australian Opal Band. 
The divine Sarah included a complimentary Claw Set Pearl band for me to wear with absolute pride.
I wear all my rings together as I simply cannot get enough of them.
The Garland Row website is well worth a look as they offer so much more than stacking rings.
I like to write about what I own myself so trust me a visit to the website to see the full range really is a must.
From dazzling engagement rings, glamorous earrings to stunning necklaces Garland Row has the ‘WOW’ factor.
One day, I hope to visit Sarah's boutique and thank her in person for the uncountable moments of support, kindness and indeed friendship she has shown to me since meeting 'online'.
Thank you my dear, I wish you every luck in the world.
Love from Ireland, as always...
Click HERE to go straight to Garland Row Jewellery

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