Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shop, Stop and Blog!

I love black clothes, I always have and always will… it has been a very long, dark love affair for me but I have slowly started to branch out a little and take a few more risks. 

If you too are a fan of all things black it can seem very daunting to try something so different. You will automatically think ‘this doesn't suit me’ but trust me, once you get used to it you will love it. Black is chic and trustworthy but once in a while, its nice to mix things up a little.

Recently I have been channeling my inner snow queen, White dresses, shirts and trousers galore, I love to team them with nude lips & shoes accented with gold accessories and dashes of pink or beige. I want everything I wear to look crisp and clean. 

Today I bought a really cool outfit in River Island and thought I would share it with you in a quick outfit post.
I find the light pink top really compliments the white faux leather skirt, it warms up my outfit beautifully.

You can but this look in stores currently or pop on line!

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