Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lady Petrova

Oh Lady Petrova, the fashion brand of my dreams. 
Petrova Hammond, the lady behind the brand is my idol. Her designs are undoubtedly the most beautiful creations I have ever seen, other worldly and ladylike, a dream.

If you could see inside my whimsical mind, I would be dressing the world in Lady Petrova clothing. A brand that is unique, bold and creative. 

The website CLICK HERE is a joy to browse.
In this day and age, websites and clothing can look so similar and boring, not where Lady Petrova's concerned. 

I am honoured to own the Wonderland Coat. 
It lives up to its name, truly wondrous. 
I have stopped on the street, asked about it in restaurants and contacted by so many of my readers begging for information when I uploaded pictures of it to my Instagram page (Instagram/WHATKATIEHEALYDID)

The Wonderland coat is described as ‘THE coat of the season’
It is reversible, how cool! From a lady like pale pink to a show stopping fuchsia this coat is suitable for day and night.
Lady Petrova makes everything about buying their products joyous.
From friendly and kind emails to glitter filled packages-I had a wonderful experience dealing with them. 

It felt better than Christmas morning when my coat was delivered to me all the way from Melbourne!
This coat costs $359 and is worth every penny. 
A reversible, beautiful coat made to the highest quality- worth every cent.
I really adore it. Its a coat I know I will be wearing for many, may years from maternity wear to everyday glamour, this is the coat I love.
I implore you to check Lady Petrova out and make a purchase, you will not be sorry.
- See more at: ladypetrova.com
OR if you are luck enough to live in Melbourne check them out @ Shop 3 237 Flinders Lane Melbourne Vic 3000
email boutique@ladypetrova.com or phone +61 3 9650 6285


Makeup Monster said...

It's a beaut Katie!

YourBeauty.ie said...

Stunning Katie, so lady like and beautiful!