Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the wonderful Closer2fabulous studio in Dublin where I met Philip Luque, International Makeup Artist for Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. The perks of being a beauty blogger, eh?.

It was brilliant, Philip gave me advice on trends and introduced me to new Youngblood products. It was like any other Wednesday and then I suddenly (& unexpectedly) fell head over heels in love with a mineral cosmetics brand, to the degree of embarrassment really. 
With each new product Philip handed me to play with, I let out little sighs and squeaks… no really! On THREE occasions I was shown products I have always wanted to own but they simply didn't exist. A blusher I think I want to marry, the most perfect pearly pink, a highlighter so pigmented I will finally live my dream, skin like a frikin’ pearl & a lipstick the actual perfect shade of pink I have always wanted, never found. 
I enjoyed the day SO much. Philip was such a nice guy and he, like me, admitted when he initially heard the phrase ‘mineral make up' he was a little sceptical! But wow! Young blood is genuinely BRILLIANT. 
I have never been so happy I attended an event! I assumed I was attending a little talk & a ‘get to know’ of the products. When the ever fabulous Elaine Hession handed me my gift bag I was overjoyed. I started wearing the products the minute I could. Q pictures of already used product, sorry!
The Bronzer- Sunshine.
I'm not big on the sun kissed look, it is not my cup of tea at all. I am a big fan of super obvious and unsubtle contouring, so I popped it on as a contour, a tiny bit goes a long way on my skin. I kinda love it! Its a dream to blend.This would look beautiful on a range of skin tones!
The eyeshadow quad- Moulin Rouge.
Look I aint' a make up artist and I am not someone who uses (or owns) several brushes to create a bold eyeshadow look. As stated in several blog posts-  I like easy to create looks.
If you want a sultry, dramatic eye this is the quad for you!
I used one clean fluffy brush. I blended and highlight using the amazing colours with equally class names ‘Can Can’, ‘Revue’, ‘Cabarets’ and the show stopping ‘Red Light’. The result was pretty great (in my opinion)
Eyeliner Pencil- Blackest Black
The colour lives up to its name, extremely black and very long lasting. 
I lined my upper lash line and my water line. It really made my eyes pop!.
I am usually a red lipstick lover. Since returning to my natural brunette locks i have enjoyed wearing a subtle pink lip. Debalicious is totally gorgeous.
I simply adore how this make up feels, lasts and looks on my skin. I am delighted with Youngblood. 

I cant wait to make a few new purchases, one day I will post a pearly blog post and all it will say ‘YOUNGBLOOD’.
Please tell me you have seen the Family Guy ‘Road House’ episode?  
Okay then.

You can buy Young Blood online in Ireland EXCLUSIVELY HERE

So what do you think? 
Does ‘Youngblood tickle your fancy?
 Let me know! I love to hear your feedback!.


Roses and Rockets said...

Sounds great! Glad you had such a good day. I'm loving the bronzer! I usually avoid it as I can never find he right shade but this looks promising. This eye makeup is fab. Love it all! Ashamed to say I've never watched a full episode of Family Guy...!

Cólleen Devine said...

gorgeous katie, tha lippie is amazing!! must check these guys out x