Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dressing for Date Night.

I am not the kind of girl who worries too much about what to wear on dates, mainly because I am Irish and the chance of going on an actual date (not just drinks and bit of soakage) would be a fine thing! 
However, I do like to buy pretty clothes JUST in case.
Luckily I have been on a few actual dates lately (HE BOUGHT ME FLOWERS AND FOOD! FLOWERS AND FOOD!!) so I have had use for my thousands of dresses and shoes.
In fairness, I tend to over dress anyway, Its an illness. Sitting in the foggy dolled up to the nines, sure why not?

My date, usually my best friend Helen or occasionally an actual fella involves me almost always wearing a dress. 

I am lazy despite my delusions of glamour, dresses are pretty handy. Throw a dress on and you are good to go, all the works been done for you! -Lazy Katie Fact: I am a big advocate of play suits and jumpsuits..I know, the shame. I actually own a sequin jumpsuit. Let that sink in for a secondA dress and a nice pair of shoes just looks complete, in my opinion.

Yesterday I decided to have a browse in River Island.
The first thing I saw was a bandage dress, pretty passé you may say but it grabbed my attention. 
It comes in black and yellow, which sounds hideous but the yellow looks BEAUTIFUL on, I was just a little reserved about wearing it so I stuck to the black.

I am always a good five years late to the party anyway so this is indeed my first experience wearing a bandage dress. 
The minute I popped it on, I knew I would be leaving with it. I loved it! 
didn't expect I would, I thought I was just trying a dress on for a bit of fun but I ended up really enamoured with it.
When you see a dress on your body and automatically know the heels you want to wear with it, as painful as it is to party with money, you know it is inevitably coming home with you.
This River Island Black Bandeau bandage midi dress  will set you back €67.00 
I like how secure I felt in it, This dress is anything but flimsy. 
The sweetheart neckline flatters my figure (I hope) and it is not too low cut, which leads me to believe this is a perfect dress to wear on a date. 
Wearing this dress felt good, I wasn't as down on my body as I usually am. That's a really good feeling for anyone to have. Admittedly I'm still a big chunk of a girl but I felt confident enough in it.

The shoes I wanted to team up with the dress,  my Christian Louboutin Follies Lace Dentelle
check them out here .
It goes without saying CL shoes are very pricey. I personally feel I get my moneys worth out of my shoes so I am happy to scrimp and save to afford them. 
Obviously any pair of black heels would look beautiful with this dress, but like I say, these are the ones I KNOW I will be popping on my feet!
I am a little mad at myself, I forgot I sent my white overcoat into the dry cleaners- I am having a real monochrome love affair these days, I wish I took a picture of it before hand!
Incidentally my coat is also from River Island!
Would you wear this differently? Do you have a dress that makes you feel great? Let me know!


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