Monday, May 20, 2013

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter - 1 Hour Tan and Night and Day Tan Review

I am queen of the snow white legs.
Red lips, dark hair, pale skin- It is my trade mark and I love it.
I am always exceptionally shy when it comes to dramatic changes, hence my absolute and dedicated avoidance when it comes to fake tan.
However, there is no avoiding the sensation that is
Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter – 1 Hour Tan. I have been lucky enough to meet the wonderful Marissa Carter - As seen on Xpose 'Ask the Expert'- on a number of occasions.
I promised her I would give her tan a whirl and give her my HONEST opinion so this is my review.

I applied a generous dollop to my Cocoa Brown tanning mitt, as you can see.
This mousse has a
unique and groundbreaking formulation.
It combines accelerating agents which are activated upon contact with skin and speed up the absorption and development of the tan. I wasn’t so sure if I would see instantaneous results.

My legs began to glow the second I applied it.

After just one hour, Cocoa Brown can be rinsed off and the tan will continue to develop for up to three hours.
I found it so easy to apply. I was very; very worried I would do a bad job and have awful looking legs.

Next up, the revolutionary Night and Day Tan Mousse.
This stuff scared the life out of me and I almost didn’t put it on, it just looked TOO dark. Marissa DID warn me, but I was exceptionally worried. I bit the bullet and it GLIDED on, it was absolutely wonderful as I was worried it would dry too fast or go patchy. There is absolutely NO chance of that happening; you would have to go out of your way to apply this awfully.
Night and day needs no developing time, you can wear it out almost instantly after applying it. Marissa knows that girls LOVE to look super tanned on nights out so this is the PERFECT product. Bronze goddess at night, glamorously glowing after your shower the next morning
I absolutely LOVED the colour, very dark but really, really glamorous.
My love for this tan caught me off guard.
I felt like Sophia Loren.

To show you what Night and Day glow looks like, I took a shower.
Queue shower picture!

Washing off Night and Day left me with a leg close in colour to The Original Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan.
Both totally gorgeous.

Both tans cost 7.99, a brilliant price for such amazing products.
Now, I promised Sarah Cocoa Brown Legs in Louboutin's.
Cocoa Brown only deserves the best!
Cocoa Brown Tan is available from most good pharmacies nationwide.
You can also pick it up in Penneys AND Primark in the United Kingdom!
Get your Glow on Girls!


Not Just Inside - Irish Beauty Blog said...

Would you look at the legs on you, great review, I have all my friends using Cocoa brown

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

Katie, only you could make putting on fake tan look this glamorous! Looks fantastic on you! x

YourBeauty said...

Katie you really sold it to me, ill invest the next time need a tan for dummies for my wedding.

Katie H said...

My sister is addicted to the stuff!

Katie H said...

Haha thanks Chloe, I do try stay glamorous at all times!

Katie H said...

Oh brilliant! It will look beautiful against a white dress x

YourBeauty said...

Wearing blush and showing my pins :)). White is not my colour :p

Katie H said...

Sounds 'so' beautiful!

Sarah Dora said...

This post not only makes me want to use my cocoa brown more than ever, it makes me want to be you, can we trade lives for a day, pretty please? You could make cleaning a bathroom super glamorous - it's not fair on us mere mortals! xx

Roses and Rockets said...

Unreal legs! I haven't used fake tan in years but this sounds incredible. I actually can't believe the price though, bargain!

Katie H said...

Haha thank you Sarah x

Katie H said...

It's amazing value! If I ever have a big night, I'm wearing night & day

Makeup Over Mind said...

Haha, Chloe's comment is bang on the money! I really need to try this, have had since Christmas but I'd yet to get around to it! Soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely review, love the pics esp the last one haha! x

Cólleen Devine said...

Can you buy the legs with the tan :) you have made this tan look super glam!! Great review!! I have my mama using this tan too, have yet to try the day and night but must get on it!!

Yvonne Magner said...

Katie, like you I have embraced my paleness and don't "do" fake tan. This stuff has been intriguing me though and after seeing the results on you, I think I'll have to give it a whirl. Any tips on what to use for exfoliation beforehand?

Anonymous said...

Apart from the lovely legs, I just adore your makeup look! Dewy golden skin, red lips and amazing brows! Such a great combination.

Anonymous said...

Quick q- how did you rinse it off? Did you use shower gel.or just water?