Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Clarins Splendours Summer Collection 2013

Today the weather has been pernickety to say the least.
To brighten up my day in-between the rain showers, I decided to adorn my eyes with  bronze, gold and browns.

Since this collection was sent to me by Clarins a few weeks ago, It has been the only palette I turn to.
 I even use it to define my brows!
 All I need in one exquisite package-
‘Splendours’ by Clarins.

Let’s take a moment to REALLY appreciate the artistry and Mayan  inspiration of this product.
Isn't it beautiful?
I was blown away when I first opened it and it has yet to stop catching my eye.
The packaging alone makes this product instantly luxurious and even holding it feels beautifully indulgent.
But a pretty package is no good unless the contents match up...
...the quality of the eye shadows shocked me.
I have only ever used Clarins skin care before so I was delighted to learn that the eye shadows are a  PLEASURE to work with.
There is hardly any fall out and the shadows are beautifully pigmented.
They apply like butter, which is a good thing!
A little goes a long way - that always pleases me.
The look I created was done in minuets thanks to the easy and blendable shadows.
I particularly LOVE the rose gold shade.
 The colour pay off is fantastic and the shimmer is subtle and understated, another big relief for me as I am not crazy about mega shimmery eyes.

It is a very versatile palette. Suitable for day and night
You can go from subtle to smoulder simply by adding a little more black.

I used the black liner to define my sockets and left my eyes devoid of actual liner, as you can see there is no obvious ‘black’ that is how fabulously the product blends.

I am not someone who is uber impressed by swatches, I like to see products in action.
To me seeing how well products fair when worn is the real test.
I am not a make-up artist -and my work probably reflects that- but this palette makes creating a semi impressive eye simple.

On my lips, to add further drama to the look, I applied Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gel.
You know that BEAUTIFUL room consuming smell that happens when you add hot water to melt jelly?
that sweet and intoxicating smell?
Well thanks to Clarins, that lovely smell follows me around all day on my lips.
It really seems to add plumpness to my lips and a beautiful, alluring flush of red.

As for the delicious Shimmer Body Oil, I will be showing you it in all its glory in a post coming soon.
I didn’t think I would adore golden skin as much as I do!
Price List:
Splendours Colour Quartet €39.00
Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gels €20.00.
Shimmer Body Oil €37.00.

I am extremely impressed with everything Clarins has to offer.
I only write about products I really love. I have always held Clarins in high esteem, yet for some reason I never thought of makeup, always skin care.
Thanks to blogging I have been introduced to their fabulous make up range!
What do you think? Are you a Clarins make up Convert too?


YourBeauty said...

You look beautiful Katie, the new collection suits you so well.

What Katie Healy Did said...

Thank you so much. You're a total dote.

Sarah Dora said...

You legitimately look like a model in every single one of those pictures!!

What Katie Healy Did said...

Haha Sarah you're such a charmer!

Charlotte P said...

Beautiful product and beautiful photos
Totes stunning!

ifthey wereme said...

I always rated Clarins for skin care but for some reason never bothered about their makeup line. I'm seeing some wonderful products being blogged about lately so I must check them out! My fav is the eye shadows, I love the look u created!

fluff and fripperies said...

Brilliant review Katie and your photos are as stunning as ever - you absolute fox, you!

What Katie Healy Did said...

Thanks Charlotte, pleased to learn you love the collection x

What Katie Healy Did said...

Thank you very much! You and I are late to the Clarins party but it really is wonderful! Let me know when you try some out! X

What Katie Healy Did said...

Haha thank you Emma, you're always so kind a d supportive! Your words mean a lot to me x

MissGreenEyes said...

Beautiful post, your photographs are stunning. The products look gorgeous, as do you x

Raquel T.G. said...

I love that kind of shadows, they look so natural!! :)