Thursday, May 2, 2013

Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover Review

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Clarins sent me out their new Instant eye Make-Up remover to try out.  I
read the press release and I have to admit I was a little bit sceptical “as gentle as it is speedy” I really didn’t think something that could remove heavy make up in seconds really COULD be gentle.
In the past I have bought eye make-up removers that promised similar results, all I ended up with was black smeared all over my face.
Delving back in to the press release I read that this product has a Ph balance equivalent to that of human tears, I was instantly sold.
Mainly because if I ever get famous, I can claim to remove my make up with tears.  Lady Gaga has lobsters on her head; I remove my liner with sorrow.

I have essence water proof eyeliner that is so hard to remove.
I figured it would be a good product to trial the Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up remover with.

Water proof liquid eye liner wouldn’t be enough; I would need some kohl liner. And eye shadow. And a sixth coat of Mascara. By the time I had finished applying my make up my eye felt POSITIVELY weighed down.

I shook my Instant Eye Make-Up Remover and applied a reasonable amount to some cotton wool.
At this point I was somewhat panicking as it was 5.30 and I had to take my dog to the Vets at six, there was NO room for error.

I pressed the cotton pad to my eye  and let it linger there for a second.

I gently, although this picture looks anything but, rubbed the pad and took a look at the damage.
Usually I would go about this left to right but I was disorientated with the time and a rather heavy camera in my other hand taking a picture.

Most of the makeup was removed in SECONDS.
Actual seconds.
I didn’t use my eyeliner sparingly and that stuff was practically GONE in one foul swoop.

To tidy up the rest of the mess I folded over my cotton wool and used the eye make-up remover that had seeped through to the other side.

As you can see, my eye was devoid of any trace of makeup.
Clarins, you actual geniuses.

This eye make-up remover is alcohol free, that’s the first thing you skin will thank you for.
My eyes are easily irritated and this product caused me absolutely no discomfort what so ever.
This is a bi-phase lotion meaning it easily removed all traces of make up.
The pure, non emulsifying oil easily breaks down pigments and waterproof products while the water phase removes soluble elements and apparently impurities related to pollution!
The Volatile oils melt away your eye makeup while the organic camomile extract organic Rose Floral water soothe, soften and moisturise.
It also smells really clean and lovely.
For a 25ml bottle it will cost you 22.50 which may seem steep but considering how little of the product you will need to actually use? It’s a bargain.

I am really impressed and glad that now I can use my eyeliner without a second thought.
Very happy results.


Yaz said...

I wonder how this would react with my sensitive eyes, I've given up on eye makeup removers, they all seem to sting me. It did a really good job removing all that eyeliner though ;) xx

fluff and fripperies said...

Brilliant review Katie - some serious testing there!

Charlotte P said...

Removing makeup with sorrow!!!!!!
hahahaha love it (and the Clarins!)


Salli N said...

The pictures really do the product some justice. Fab review!

Salli x

Glamourtricks said...

This looks really good. I'm really lazy and need to invest in an eye makeup remover as well because more and more I notice my eye area getting dehydrated :(

I really like you blog and am now following you via GFC.

I'm currently having a giveaway for a beauty hamper, would love it if you checked it out ;) xx

MissGreenEyes said...

Okay, WOW??!! That stuff is amazing!