Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A BB that Katie can wear? It must be Vichy Idealia!

I am not one to rant and rave about a product at the drop of a hat, In fact I never write about skin products I have not used for at least a month. Well this is something special; I am breaking my cardinal rule of blogging. I have VERY quickly fallen in the LOVE with Vichy Idealia BB cream in light. This product arrived in my post-box THIS AFTERNOON (Yes that is correct, my postman IS rather tardy isn’t he?)
I have never in my whole life been able to wear, or even get away with wearing a BB cream.
I coined the phrase ‘chestnut face’ because that is the result of most ‘light’ BB creams I have trailed.
Well I really don’t have to worry about that happening with Vichy Idealia.
This BB cream comes in two adaptable shades, light and medium.
Being totally honest, I didn’t really believe light would be light or it would adjust to suit my skin.
I dabbed a touch of it on my neck earlier on and as the day passed, it really did fade in to a shade that was EXTREMELY close to matching my skin. I was shocked, excited, and afraid to count my chickens in case I had inadvertently rubbed it off... so at seven I washed my face, whipped out the Idelia and applied it to my visage.

Judge the results for yourself.
Here is a shot of myself without make up. Here I will offer the obligatory sincere apologies.
(Sorry about the ridge on my nose, that is because my glasses are actually torture devices, really needs to invest in a new pair, I digress...)

Katie wearing Vichy Idealia
No, it is not my exact deathly Irish shade of white but it looks fabulous and I can get away with it.
My skin has been brightened, lifted and looks rather radiant.
Obviously I am only wearing Idelia in these pictures so excuse the lack of red lips and brows!

My skin looks amazing and it is thanks to Vichy. I have honestly never fallen for a product so fast! Also it smells fricken’ DIVINE like all the Idealia range. Yummy Yum!
Radiant skin for 23.50, not half bad!
My local pharmacy stocks Vichy so I have a feeling this is the beginning of a very long and happy romance.
THANK YOU PAULA, you absolute doll.

(Available to buy from May- BUY IT!!!)
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