Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Honey, I’m leaving you for NYC

If you are one of the following listen up!
A make up lover/ broke student with aspirations of glamour/ someone saving their pennies
I have good news for you, you deserve a little guilt free treat.
Never again need you forgo splurging on luscious lippy, reading this should be one heck of a treat if you are on the hunt for a decent lipstick.

To prove my point, in the Picture below I am wearing MAC ‘Show Orchid’ on the right  and NYC 402 Blue Rose on the left...
Mac retails at 17.50 while NYC retails at TWO EURO FORTY FLIPPIN NINE CENT!
Can you 'actually' believe it?
The pigmentation, coverage and all round brilliance for 2.49?!
I am a lipstick snob.
Pernickety doesn’t begin to describe me, yet here I am writing to you IMPLORING you to give NYC a go!
My absolute Favourite red from their impressive collection has to be 441 Traffic Jam.
It is a show stopper, glossy AND moisturising.

It stays put and it is SERIOUSLY similar to an eye wateringly expensive lippy I wear that if you sip your tea it is gonzo...
You really can’t go wrong .

For days when you want less of a statement lip, you should try the divinely scented Appleicious Lip Balm also 2.49, There are heaps to chose from.
They give you a little pop of colour and make your lips feel lovely.

Their Mascara is another winner for me.
I particularly love the wand, It reminds me of a big bumble bee covered in really good mascara...except it doesn’t sting you and it gives you nice eyelashes.

Big Bold Curl Mascara retails at 3.49 and I am so impressed with it.
 I have stubs for lashes and this stuff actually give mine a little definition and indeed curl.
Not half bad! Am I right?

Next time you are in Penneys and see a NYC stand, don’t dismiss it give it a go!

*The items featured were sent to me to try by New York Color PR
Thank you so much guys!*
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