Friday, March 22, 2013

Lola Lashes Review

Lola Lashes Review

Before I start, Mink is a litigious issue and the mention of the animal is enough to have some people set on edge.
When I was approached by Lola Lashes , prior to accepting I researched the background in to mink eyelashes and Lola Lashes in particular.

I would never in a million years recommend a product created off the back of cruelty.

I am an animal lover however, I am not a hypocrite.
I wear leather shoes and bags, I have wool products and I am a meat eater.

These lashes are indeed c
rafted from fur brushed from Mink but the materials are extracted in the absolute strictest of humane ways.

The hairs are brushed during the molting process of the Mink.

No animals are killed, mistreated or abused to create something so flippant as a set of lashes.

This process is very strictly policed and I was happy to accept them and was so happy with them I wanted to recommend Lola Lashes and write up a review.

I have two sets,
Flutterbies (white box) and Miss Whiplash (pink box)
My Miss Whiplash lashes are a little worse for wear as I got caught out in a very heavy rain storm wearing them, but there’s life in them yet!
All Lola Inc lashes come cased in a beautiful box with their own lash applicators, designed specifically for mink Lashes.
The boxes are a sweet ‘drawer like’ creation adorned with a pink bow, it really ads an extra touch of glamour.

Lola Lashes are wonderful; a real touch of glamour and beauty.
They certainly are not a waste of money, if you are a frequent lash wearer you will be pleased to know that these lashes can be worn up to TWENTY FIVE times!
They hold their shape and if cared for correctly should last a very long time.

The use of real fur, while extravagant, insures your lashes may look long and luscious but they do not have the heavy look and feeling of synthetic.
They are also extremely lightweight on your eyes and can be cured using a heated eyelash curler to achieve the curl desired.

Flutterbies are a very full set of lashes and extremely pretty.  
The mink hairs used to create the lashes are ‘crisscrossed’ to create a full and even thickness throughout the entire strip.
There is a beautiful curl and weightlessness that makes your eyes look open and alert.

Miss Whiplash
Miss Whiplash are perfectly hand crafted , again each mink hair has been carefully placed all aiming gradually in one direction so the lashes creates an exaggerated whipping effect when worn. Like the flutterbies, the curl and weight is just perfect.
Miss Whiplash really pack a punch, you can see where they get the name from.
My absolute favourites
Prices vary but there’s always special deals online, check them out Lola Lashes here
Lola Lashes

I give Lola Lashes my Glam wink of approval!
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