Friday, March 22, 2013

Diet Coke Break...

On March the 13th Diet Coke Fever hit BT2 Grafton Street, Dublin.
Diet coke is undoubtedly the world’s number one selling diet soft drink.
Diet Coke is synonymous with ‘THAT’ music and allowing men & women around the world swoon watching their fun, cheeky and damn right steamy adverts, nothing like a hunk to work up the worlds thirst!
To celebrate ‘sparkling together for thirty years’
- that is right, diet coke has been satiating our thirst for thirty years, can you believe it?-
Diet coke has added another impressive name to their growing list of fashion collaborations, none other than designer extraordinaire, Marc Jacob's!
Marc has designed three unique coke cans, one from the 80’s. 90’s and 00’s

 I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch where I was treated to diet coke, fashion shows, yummy diet coke cocktails(score!), fun and frolics in the photo booth and indeed the chance to schmooze with the diet coke ‘gardener’hunk himself, Andrew Cooper!
The impromptu fashion shows were wonderful.
The clothes showcased were so vibrant, youthful and chic with an edge.
The models were absolutely stunning as you can see.
They stood perfectly still like mannequins among the madness!

We were well supplied with divine Diet Coke Cocktails, they were so tasty and refreshing, a real treat.
It was
so surreal to be drinking in BT2’s but it was so much fun and the atmosphere was electric.

I had a great time laughing and chatting with my friends and fellow bloggers.
Click their names to see what they do!
Andrew Cooper (you're going to want to click this)
We all got a pretty big laugh when Myself and Andy, I can call him that we have a connection, ended up in a‘ the girls too tall’ embrace, he told me to 'get down' to pose for our picture...
To say I swooned would be an understatement!
I am so pleased our little exhange resulted in a VERY illusive picture of Ands-like I said, were close- smiling hahaha!


Salli N said...

OMG! He is sooo beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog!