Friday, February 8, 2013

Red Lips and Cat Eyes

People always ask me how do I get my lips to last all day long and how do I  line my eyes.
If I am all to answer in all honesty, it is a mix of LUCK and PRACTISE.
But in this blog post I will be showing you my SUPER simplified tips on HOW TO rock a red lip and SUPER SIMPLE cat eye for beginners.

First things first, for the red lips I am using DVT ARTDECO Vermillion LipLiner, DVT ARTDECO Gloss and Tom Ford Cherry Lush lipstick

Before I do anything I condition my lips about 20 minutes before I apply any other lip product using a super moisturising lip balm, I use one by Creme De La Mer.

I like to have a nice deep cupids bow so I follow my natural lip line and draw on a V using an EXTREMELY WELL SHARPENED RED LIP LINER.

I then plot the centre of my bottom lip and line it as neatly as I can, avoiding the edges as I like to fill them in later to make sure they are even and look neat.

I fill in the centre of my lips with lipliner

very slowly and steadily fill the rest of my lips with the same lipliner

Once the lips are entirely filled in, I then go over the area of my lips I didn’t line with my lipliner to insure they are perfectly lined and even.

Using a lipstick brush, I apply a little lipstick all over my lips making sure to take extreme care at the edges

I then apply a dab of lipstick to my lips directly from the tube

To compete the look I add a TINY dot of gloss on the centre of my bottom lip to give my lips dimension and shine.


Now on to the eyes, this is SUPER EASY TO DO.
I suggest using a PEN style eyeliner.
Also before you draw on your eyes for real, Use a q tip to get your eyes used to the sensation of the pen.
It should help you minimize flinching and give you the confidence you need to avoid poking yourself in the eyes a million times. It happens the best of us so don’t worry! Haha.

Draw a very thin line at the inner corner of your eye. Sto about a 1/3 of the way in.

Link up your line getting SLIGHTLY thicker to the VERY END of your eye.
(can you believe the previous two steps were the hard bit?)
PRESS the liner nib on your eye having the SLIMMEST PART OF THE NIB creating the flick.

You can now GO OVER the line you have created to smooth any possible errors, but TRUST me, using this technique its practically IMPOSSIBLE to go wrong
Make sure the nib of your liner is moist and has plenty of product on it and you will be astonished with the results.
I know almost ALL pharmacy brand make up lines do liquid eyeliner pens so no matter what your budget, you can have eyes like a Hollywood STAR

I really hope this post has helped!

Yes the pictures are questionable, but you have NO IDEA how hard this was without a tripod haha

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