Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's in NYC


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to get your lashes, lips and nails sorted for that hot date you all will inevitably have.
I had never tried any NYC products so when these samples landed in my post box, I was super excited to give them a go.
If you’ve got a date and in need of a lip, eye, nails combo on a budget, NYC is the brand for you.
Let’s talk price, Their Liquid Lipshine will set you back 2.29, their Lashes 2.99 and 1.29 for their gorgeous and brilliant nail polishes. Personally I think you can’t get much fairer than that!

What impressed me the most- NYC’s great and affordable nail varnishes.
My favourite shade was the reddest of the bunch.
I painted my nails last Thursday with two coats and they only chipped slightly today, BRILLIANT value!
Madison Avenue. the reddest of the bunch and my fave, big surprise, am I right?
‘Full Metal Jacket’ a jaw dropping metallic polish, it goes on amazingly well.
‘Midtown’ is a gorgeous pi nk
and ‘Times Square’ a pretty coral red.

The Natural Eyelashes are *ahem* natural –ish.
They are very thick and while not extremely long, still quite luscious.
My only gripe with the lashes is that they claim to be self adhesive.
I gave it a try minus lash glue and let’s just say, if you DONT want to live in the fear of your lashes fluttering into your date’s soup, I’d use some lash glue!

The lip-gloss ‘Rockefeller red’ really pleasantly surprised me, it is sheer and non sticky. No more awkward hair stuck to face syndrome, terribly unattractive.
The liquid Lipshine gives your lips a very subtle flush of pinkish-red without gong OTT, perfect for a sultry valentine date.
You gotta remember this gloss is perfecto if you’re planning on smooching your date, like I said before its non sticky, your faces wont glue together as this Lipshine feels like a nice moisturising lip balm so your lips with be super soft and kissable, BIG plus!

So there you have it, my ‘romantic date night’ look using the lip-gloss, lashes and of course, Madison Avenue nail varnish for NYC.
NYC is well worth checking out next time you come across a stand!
I know I will.


Immortality Passion said...

Oh I like this look. And your blog too :)


Not Just Inside said...

Hair stuck to face syndrome haha love it

What Katie Healy Did said...

Thank you so much, darling x

What Katie Healy Did said...

I have fallen foul to the aul sticky hair fave disaster many's a time

sasdothat said...

Humm must check out those glosses, only though it was benefit that did the non stick glosses. Love your makeup look. Also loved 'that hot date you all will inevitably have' so hopefully for us :p

Michelle L. said...

Love this look. Never tried NYC polishes, will have to try them out!

Michelle x