Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eyebrow S.O.S

People always ask me about my eyebrows, there is no real secret or magical difference to my technique.
I am not an advocate of plucking; I implore everyone to step away from the tweezers.

I use Urban Decay brow box in Brown Sugar with a Real Techniques angle brush.
No brow Gel, No Plucking, No fuss.
People who trim their brows are IN.FLIPPIN.SANE.
OKAY, Lets start!

Dip your brush in to the powder most suitable to your hair ONCE per eye.
Do not be tempted to redip throughout.

I define my brow by drawing a line along the bottom of my brow to make the arch pop.
 I do not start from the very ‘beginning’ of my brow, doing so will lessen the harsh look of filled in brows

Continuing the line,  fill in the end of your eyebrow in one light sweep.
The thickness of the real techniques brush is PERFECT for eyebrows, you do not want a very skinny line at the end of your eyebrow.

Once you are happy with the shape, simply fill in the rest of your brow using the remainder of the product on the brush, again resisting re-dipping and filling in the beginning of the brow.

GENTLY BLEND the brows at the front using as little product as possible to graduate the brown in.

I do not set my eyebrows with the wax provided in the kit; personally I feel it looks too harsh and fake.
I usually sprits my face with thermal water to set my make-up and give me a Dewey glow.

I really hope this eyebrow tutorial has been of some use, like I said it’s not revolutionary tips but its how I insure my brows are defined without looking TOO crazy.

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