Monday, January 14, 2013

Love your skin.

People always ask me how I get my skin to stay so clear.
Like most women’s, my skin is a tempestuous little dear who can,at times, rebel against me in the most unforgiving of ways.
I also get asked about my colouring.
Well that is down to genetics and the liberal application of sun screen all year through. 
But I do have a few pointers and products that should help your skin look and feel great.

Drink water.
Our bodies NEED water.
 I drink water like it is nobody’s business.
I just love it; I can safely say it is my favourite drink.
Don’t be petulant and say ‘water is boring’
If you stand any chance of keeping your skin (and body) in good nick, you MUST flush out the toxins you put in.
Drink plenty of water, it is that simple.

I won’t lie, I am not exactly a saint when it comes to the whole ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise’ routine.
I do my best!
In the mornings I wash my face with a nice face wash
 I favour the fab SebaMed.
It is soap free and made with 100% natural ingredients.
My skin always feels extremely clean but never feels dried out as it is made specifically for those with sensitive skin.
I pat my skin dry with an pristine face towel.
Do not put ANYTHING DIRTY near your face. Try to keep your hands OFF your face too.

Using a cotton pad, I rub on some Dr.Hauschka clarifying toner.
I love this brand, much like SebaMed it is made with 100% natural ingredients,  perfect for my skin.
This particular toner really helps diminish blemishes and smells divine.
Once my toner sink in then add a tiny dot of the amazing Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light.
As the name suggests this product is light weight, but it really moisturises and combats dry, sensitive skin.
It is also brilliant for calming red irritated skin.

I favour the use of EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAN make up brushes to apply my foundation.
Once I have applied my foundation
(MAC Face and body in a custom blend)
I spray my face with Avène Thermal Spring water.
Not only does this sooth and freshen your skin, it helps keep skin hydrated.
On a more aesthetic level,  it really helps create a divine Dewey glow.
Avène have a great range available from most Boots stores.

Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1, a product a URGE you to try
A cleanser, exfoliater and mask all in one.
I received this product to try during the summer and instantly fell in love.
My skin was feeling a little dry and irritated so I decided to use it as a mask.
I dampened my skin then massaged a small amount on to my face;
 I then let it dry and waited 5 minutes.
After rinsing my skin with water, the results were visible; my skin appeared soothed, smooth and mattafied.
 It did all this without stripping away any moisture and also smells quite lovely.
I use this product once a week without fail. Absolute WONDER product.
Vichy is available from selected pharmacies nationwide.

Roger and Gallet Huile Sublime Bois D’Orange is the product of choice for my arms, décolletage and even my hair when damp.
Not only does it nourish tone and scent my skin it also does the same for your hair.
The almond oil softens the skin; argan oil nourishes your hair. It is enriched with Vitamin E and Orange essential oil as well as Macadamia, Camellia, Sesame seed and evening primrose .
It leaves a satin sheen to your skin while smelling and feeling totally luxurious.
On my legs to add a little glamour I use Roger and Gallet Crème Sublime Or Bois D’Orange.
The same ingredients as the oil (Argon, Macadamia, Camellia, Sesame seed, almond, evening primrose) but in a non sticky, moisturising crème.
The golden shimmer through it adds a touch of elegance and a beautiful sheen to my legs that looks stunning in summer and warm during the winter.

I keep my lips in good nick by using either Creme De La Mere ‘the lip balm’
 Yes this product is utterly indulgent, luxurious and brilliant but if you want to feel pampered, use it.
However, a product just as good and more reasonably priced Aqualia Thermal  soothing & repairing balm by Vichy.
I love and use both.

Some more skin products I love are from a wonderful company called Bia Beauty.
All products are Natural and hand made In County Cork, Ireland.
Bia Beauty’s Orange and Grapefruit Facial Exfoliant & Cleanser is hands down my favourite product.
It is not too abrasive and is packed full of jojopba grains that gently and effectively remove dead skin cells, this buffs your skin and improves the appearance and brightness of your skin.
The scent is divine, not too over powering due to the nature of the product.
After Exfoliating, I use a small amount of the ‘Mellow Mandarin’ moisturiser to compliment the previous treatment.
This moisturiser is extremely gentle and nourishing, perfect for all skin types.
On every occasion I have used these products over the last month, I have been complimented on my skin. Can’t be coincidence now can it?!

I hope this post has been of some help!

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