Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas time, mistletoe and... Perfume?

Ihope everyone had a beautiful, relaxing and fun Christmas.
I’ve had a lovely peaceful holiday season so far.
It has been lovely going outand seeing old friends who have returned home for Christmas.
My next big event is a New Years Eve party in a Marina, how decedent!
 I am currently full of flu so am tryingmy best to rest, recuperate, get my party dress on and perk up in time for NYE!

Over the Christmas I was treated to so many generous and beautiful gifts.
So here is a little peep at some of my pretty stash!

I am not a huge perfume fan; I stick to CHANEL, Agent Provocateur, and Dita vonTeese exclusively.

when I am feeling fruity and want to smell like sweets, Britney SpearsMidnight fantasy!
I haven’t had a bottle of Midnight Fantasy in years so mysister thoughtfully gifted me a little bottle of it.

All the perfumes I received were so perfectly suited to me.
I am so thankful toyou all!

My lovely Jarrod bought me Agent Provocateur Petale Noir, I absolutelyADORE it.
I first smelled it on my Birthday when AP sent me a sample of italong with my Thora Dress;
clever boy remembered I loved it so sent me it forChristmas!
It is in such a beautiful bottle!
Another triumph from AP!

I received a second bottle of it from a mystery admirer, so thank you so muchwhoever you are!
desperately romantic!
You must read my blog.


I received a very lovely gift from a very thoughtful lady, Abeautiful Purple crown and Glory Turban.
I just love Crown and Glory so I wasdelight to add to my ever growing collection.
My Mother bought me a beautiful faux fur red stole; it is soglamorous and striking.
The perfect gift for me.
I love wearing it, it is alsoso snug and warm, practical too.
I must say my favourite present hands down comes from myfather.
He bought me stunning CHANEL gold earrings.
I do not have the words to express how happy they make me.

I am a very luck girl.
I can safely there’s not many fathers out there whowould get their daughter such a thoughtful and special gift.
Thank you,you are an absolute gentleman.

My sister bought me a very beautiful Top Shop lace dress.
I love lace so this dress is right up my street!

My best friends bought me this lovely 'head girl'subtlysparkly skater dress. S
o very pretty.
I do enjoy a bit of sparkle.

Mum and Dad bought me a box of snugly essentials, a slip forunder my dress, a leopard print cotton top to lounge in and cute littleslippers that look VERY Louboutin!
They know me so well

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a Prada bag under the tree for someone to open!

That’s it
What do you think?
Did you get any gift that dropped your jaw this year?
Let me know!

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