Sunday, December 9, 2012

Vintage Inspired Hair Style: Victory Roll

I have extremely long hair
I am currently in the middle of growing out my fringe/bangs and I sometimes feel my hair can look very boring.
I love all things vintage so when I decide to gussy my hair up a bit, I like to do so with a vintage twist.

I am a great believer in fast and fabulous looks when I don’t have an awful lot of time to doll up.
Here is a QUICK and SIMPLE and best of all, HAIR SPRAY FREE step by step for a Vintage Inspired roll do.

You will need:
A Hair Rat/ hair doughnut you snip in half
(preferably matching your hair colour...excuse mine)
Bobby Pins
Hair clips to section your hair with
Back combing brush
and a cute hair accessory (I went for a veiled hat)

First off I brush all my hair through so that my hair is manageable.
I then section it off as far to the back of my head as I can, keeping the sides as evenly parted as I can.
Before I go on....
It was a bit hard to take pictures while doing my hair as this is quite fiddly, I needed both paws but did this with one out of love for my readers haha-
I really need a tripod!
SORRY I did the best I could.

Okay back to the tutorial!.
Clip up your hair you are not going to be rolling, Keeping it out of the way really helps keep things neat and tidy.
Then HALF your front section of hair
I do this because the under layer is going to be fully backcombed to add body and structure to your roll and you want your roll to look smooth.

Once you clip the hair you are not using up and do not be afraid to REALLY BACKCOMB the under section
TOP TIP: Do not brush out extreme backcombed hair, wash it out and condition it as best you can after to avoid damage.

Once your back combing is done, let down your top section, flip it forward and smooth it all out

Then take your hair rat and start to roll.
Do not worry too much about neatness; you can sort that out once it is pinned up.

Using as many bobby pins as your heart desires, PIN your roll in to place
While you roll, try do so as tightly as you can as this gives you room for error
when you begin to pin it is sometimes difficult to keep your hair in place, I chose to push mine to the side in a horse shoe kind of shape to accommodate my hat I wanted places on the side of my head.

As this has been a fast and furious roll, pin in your hair accessories in and go over any messy looking strands, don’t be afraid to brush away any loose hairs on your roll.

a very fast, effective and different kinda hair style in minutes using NO hair spray

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