Monday, November 26, 2012

Crown and Glory

I have had a Dorothy complex my whole life
 if it is red and sparkly I need it.

Thanks to the wonder of Instagram, a week before Halloween I saw and fell instantly in love with a trio of black sparkly bats strewn across a head band.
Annoyingly enough, the person who posted the picture never said where it was from... my hunt began.
I trawled the net and finally found the Mecca of all things sparkly and hand crafted:
Crown and Glory, a U.K based hair accessorie heaven.
I felt so lucky to have discovered such beautiful, unique, whimsical and magical creations.

Crown and Glory is run by Sophie King (or as I like to refer to her: The glitter wizard)
Sophie makes much more than glittery creations, she also crafts stunning floral garlands, beautiful butterflies, velvet and suede turbans and even hand-drawn acrylic bobby pin sets.
Sophie takes custom orders so all you have to do is imagine it and Sophie can create it personally for you.
The effort it takes for miss King to make the pieces is not hugely reflected in the price:
My Dorothy XXL Glitter Hair bow cost me 20 Great British Pounds.
Glitter Bat Head band 8 Great British Pounds.
And my stunning Floral Head band 15 Great British Pounds, you could not get much more reasonable than that.

Not only do I love the products, I love looking at the website too.
It is so pretty, tranquil and a pleasure to browse through.
I am in no way affiliated with Crown and Glory, I purchased everything I am writing about myself and I contacted Sophie to see if I could write this piece.

I love to see people like Sophie use their initiative! such a refreshing change from all the doom and gloom.
Crown and Glory has been featured in The Daily Mail, Company, Grazia, Now and even used in London Fashion week.
Crown and Glory DESERVE your support. If you know any girl (or guy!) who love all this sparkly, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Keep Crown and Glory in mind

I wish Crown and Glory continued success, Thank you for making my world a sparkler and prettier place.
Visit Crown and Glory HERE
And follow on Twitter @crownandglory_
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