Thursday, October 18, 2012

A look inside my wardrobe

As promised here is a peek in to my Wardrobe.
Anyone who knows me KNOWS I live for all things Glamour
I try carry that in to my day to day life.
While I do not wear vintage clothing every day, I do turn myself out well.
I have an individualistic sense of dress and I know my style is not everyone’s cup of tea, in a way I like that. I don’t like fearing I am going to turn up to an event head to toe in the same garb as someone else- vain? Maybe!

My style is ever evolving, it matures with me.
I have always worn a lot of black; I still do to this day, yet I now find myself leaning towards precious metal and jewel tones.
I have a penchant for dramatic eyes AND lips regarding make up, my wardrobe reflects that drama.
As you soon will be able to tell, I love experimenting with my clothing and footwear.
So here you are, Welcome to my world.

I keep all my dressy clothing and foot wear together. All my sparkles are kept together as are my Lace detailed dresses.
My Louboutin collection has been dramatically culled.
I chose to sell 3 pairs to save for one EXCEPTIONAL pair.
Wait till you see them
(here’s hoping I can afford them)

I keep my casual clothing together, separated in to lights and dark.
My shoes are a mishmash of customised spikes, crystal encrusted jellies and plain old boring River Island flats.

I keep my scarves together on a trouser hanger; I always wear a scarf in winter.
I can’t stand to see people out and about with cold looking necks!
Don’t get me started on red and blue hands!
(That reminds me I forgot to picture my gloves!)

Underwear, how darling.
I arrange my day to day bras like a shop display

A drawer full of soft bras and frilly knickers.

Next area:
jackets, blazers and coats and leggings.

My expensive underwear is treated like gold. 
I keep my AP accoutrements above my underwear drawer

I keep ALL my agent provocateur underwear IN their boxes, with no exception.
My new Thora dress is also kept in her box, too precious to have hanging around to lose shape.

I have a small collection of sunglasses.

My prize possession, Vintage ray bans- named ‘Gatsby style 6’
I just adore them

On to my top pic of seasonal dresses
(any one who met me at the blogger meet will recognise my gold dress! I love it)

These two dresses stand out to me for their cute detailing
River Island
Wheels and Dollbaby
Finally my Wheels and Doll Baby Dita Cardigan.

So there you have it, A peek in to the fashion faux pas that is Katie’s Wardrobe!

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