Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Goth Make-Up Tutorial

I decided tonight’s look was going to be super fast and super simple.
All you need is three eye shadows and you are good to go.
I started off my blanching my entire face with white corpse paint, eyebrows, lips the lot! 
DRAIN those rosy cheeks and have the complexion of the dead.
Naturally for this, I used Illamasqua rich liquid foundation .

This is going to be one huge cat winged look
plot the line going upwards with your lighter eye shadow
(I used MAC shadowy lady)
MAC beauty marked and MAC shadowy lady are the two main eye shadows I will be using

Using shadowy lady fill in your eye creating a dramatic sweeping cat eye like shape
 Go over this with a darker and sparkler black shadow, I used MAC Beauty Marked
 using beauty marked line the bottom of your eyes linking them with the line you marked earlier.

Fill in your brows. I chose to go ABOVE my natural brows
(hence why I blanched them out with foundation)
 I have a think brow, Goth tend to live life on the skinny side....eyebrows that is.
I made mine as arched as I could and as thin as I could
(I am aware they are still whopper brows!)

Fill in your waterline with a soft kohl pencil.

Using a red eye shadow, smudge under your eye blending in with the black eye shadow and kohl pencil
this creates a sore and sleep deprived look

(so Goth, up all night updating their vampire freaks account)

Now on to the lips, such fun.
I used purples and reds. A mix of ARTDECO vermillion and MAC night moth lip liners and Illamasqua Tantrum and MAC black fire lip-gloss

lined the middle of my lips with MAC night moth

I lined the corners with  ARTDECO Vermillion.

llamasqua tantrum covered the middle of my bottom lip

Black fire Covered the whole top lip and the red sides of my bottom lip.

Going back to shadowy lady

I hallowed out my cheekbones

I then buffed the harsh line out with a blush brush
I applied lashings of jet black mascara
I then applied false lashes to my top...

and bottom lashes

THATS ITS- goth to go!

So what do you think?
I had way to much fun creating this look

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