Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Christian Louboutin: status of the sole

Finally got my roots touched up!

I am a  tall girl but I still happen to have a penchant for high heels.
The shoes I favour above all, Christian Louboutin.
No other designer makes shoes as comfortably high or as pretty as Mr Louboutin.
I am not a shallow person (despite how vacuous this may sound) but slipping on a pair of CL's makes me feel inexplicably and undeniably happy.

In my opinion CL shoes when correctly sized are very comfortable and very easy to walk in.
Walking a mile in a hurry won’t be exactly simple but it’s not impossible.
When I bought my first pair of Louboutins, I purchased rubber soles to protect the shoes.
It was purely aesthetics- I wanted the red soles to remain red.
I brought them to a cobblers but decided not to have them fitted.
The cobbler explained to me he had to sand the soles in order for the rubber to stick. 
Logically I decided to wear mine and after they have been scuffed through wear I would put the rubber on to protect the actual SOLE and not just the pretty colour!
Beautiful shoes are made to be worn AND loved
My tip would be to do both-wear them get your money’s worth before worrying about maintaining your shoes sole status and most importantly? LOVE every minute of it!
My joint favourite pair

Despite my undying love for shop display shoe storage, Lately I have been storing  my shoes in their dust bags inside their boxes.
 I stuff the toes to maintain the shape. In doing so you are maximising the longevity of your shoes you worked hard to afford.
I have decided to show you pictures of the soles in three different stages (all of which have been worn many times) to let you see just exactly what to expect if you are thinking of purchasing a pair

Lady Peep Eel Skin 160MM
Mainly worn on carpeted floors
Bianca Sling Patent calf 140MM
Worn on wood floors, marble, pavement, gravel and carpet (not too bad at all)
Madeleine Satin  Knotted Mules 100mm
Worn on wood floors and carpet

So what do you think? Have I made the right call deciding to hold off the rubber?
I personally feel I have
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