Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dita Von Teese eau de parfum, Femme Totale

A few days ago I wrote about Dita Von Teese and ARTDECO’s Make up collaboration.
When trying the products out, I couldnt find a single flaw. Anyone who knows me knows  I am extremely picky  about lipsticks and powder-If I find a flaw I am quick to say but I’ve fallen in love with ARTDECO’s Dita Von Teese line and I am incredibly happy about it.
Why? Well because it just confirms to me that Dita Von Teese is a woman who can do no wrong in my eyes. From her perfectly coiffed hair, beautifully applied make up and thoughtfully put together outfits and stage shows she is and always has been an insparation to me.

When I received a text message saying she had retweeted a link to my blog to 1.1 million of her fans, My heart was fit to explode! It was like a dream- my idol has actually seen my blog!
I am EXTREMELY proud and honoured.
 So staying on the theme of Dita, I am going to review Dita Von Teese’s beautiful new perfume.
The packaging is sleek and black, with Ditas signature scribbled in silver against a lipstick red background  in an oval silver frame.The crest in particular tickled me, it is just so sweet. A little nod to Ditas Burlesque roots- a 'D' with feathers around it, a corset with hands either side elegantly holding pearls, a martini glass and a bottle of the perfume itself.
The finishing touch of course, tassels! How definitely Dita.
Inside the box there is a lovely little message
‘...perfume sets the mood...and I am in the mood for glamour!”
How very true

Aesthetically I just adore the bottle, I am a huge fan on displaying things and of course a perfume bottle with an atomizer just screams elegance, the botttle is beautifully complimented with the silk tassle and the red bead.
I have never been keen on perfume that smells of sweets I have always preferred richer scents such as Jo Malone Amber and Lavender or Agent Provocateur’s signature scent.
Thankfully Dita steered away from the Candyfloss scent and went for a rich floral, musky perfume also steering clear of vanilla, something I am very happy about.
The ingredients include fresh bergamot, peony and Bourbon pepper,Heart of Bulgarian rose, Tahitian tiare flower & jasmine placed on a warm base of incense, patchouli, musk, guaiac wood and sandalwood.
I love the smell on me, It really surprised me for such an inexpensive item, This perfume retails at 28euro for 40ml

I am very happy with it, definitely will be wearing this at the weekend.
Dita just has it- Glamour personified and now bottled!
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