Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coming Soon to What Katie Did.

New Posts coming very soon including: How to buy high end on a budgetA little peek at my agent provocateur collection&
Easy to do, minimal fuss high glamour make up tutorials.


DancingWithDisaster said...

Katie, it must have taken a lot for you to write this. I understand completely where you're coming from and I am so sorry you were made to feel like this. It's sad that in this day and age that everything seems to revert to schoolyard politics but there are people out there who appreciate you, and your blog. I really hope you will reconsider your choice. You shouldn't have to change who you are, but at the same time, you shouldn't let these little twits define your decision. Love Aundrea xxx

Not Just On The Inside said...
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Karen said...

Katie, we love you and your blog. You're a breath of fresh air and your blog is totally different to everyone else's in the Irish blogging community. Take time for yourself and we'll be here when you come back.

I've had fellow bloggers make digs at me on their blogs and I addressed it on my blog recently. Enough is enough and I'm finished with all the crap, I cut people out of my life and don't miss them at all. Everything they were saying about me and others got back to us all, so I understand where you're coming from missus.

It was really lovely to meet you the other week and I hope to see you soon lovie

CeeCee said...

Ah no, sorry to hear that Katie. I love your blog, I think it's really different to everything else out there -in a really good way! I also hope you reconsider.xx

MsDarkFairy88 said...

God Katie I am so sorry to hear this.I'm not going to tell you to change your mind because it is your mind and it is one that knows what it wants which is great. I just wanted to let you know that I think your blog is amazing. It is entirely different to anyone's that i know and that is why I love it. I love how passionate you are about what you write and what you do. You should be so proud of that.

I hope you don't stop blogging forever. I do know the feeling,like you're not one of the cool crowd, like your not one of the pretty girls back in school. I feel the exact same sometimes. But you are right. Do not go 'grow thicker skin' or change who you are just to please some idiots. You are too good for that.

No matter what you end up doing, I hope you look after yourself and try to never let what anyone else says get you down. As you told me the other night. Never let someone else make you feel inferior. Because you are definitely not!


Chantelle said...

No! Please don't quit, I love reading your blog! You are so different to all the other blogs I read its a breath of fresh air and I love your style.

Take the time you need and remember that you will be missed! Sometimes I feel like I am talking to noone on my blog but the thrill of writing keeps me going!

CherrySue said...

Katie, I'm raging you feel this way. I'll add my name to the loving your blog for its originality and you for being a sweetheart camp.

There can be a lot of sniping and back biting, finger pointing and begrudgery but that always happens when you're original and heading for success. I've found the only way is upward, rise above it and let the trolls suck it.

Never give anyone the power to make you feel bad, I know you've had a very rough time with your fur babies recently and this shizz can't be helping.

Take all the time you need but do come back xx

Anonymous said...

Katie - I'm genuinely sorry you feel this way because your blog offers a choice for READERS (the reason for, y'know, doing it) in a beauty blogosphere increasingly jammed with really boring PR-led blogs with no content editing decisions, no editorial direction, no thought and no creativity bar slapping up the last thing they were sent for free. That's not blogging, it's not writing - that's just word vomit motivated by freebies with no chunky content or smart ideas to engage the reader in between. You absolutely don't do that and it is refreshing.

On the events thing, who cares? Readers don't! They don't want to read about some PR event you attended (heads up, journalists never write about these things for a reason, they're press events, for press) so forget about 'em. There's nothing unique about the same event with cupcakes being on 45 blogs. Nothing to worry about there, so.

The point is, you do something different. Different = bloody brilliant. And know this, EVERYONE gets criticised. Everyone. I can't count the amount of times I've been absolutely roundly and soundly taken to pieces online, viciously. Hey. So what. Those people don't know me so I can't take their hate seriously - and it did hurt the first couple of times of course but you rise above it.

Second last piece of advice: you do need to grow a thicker skin, you actually DO. If you want to put yourself out there then you have a responsibility to yourself to do so. Otherwise stop.

Last piece of advice: the clique? Ah there isn't one as far as I can see. There are just people about who've been doing it longer. Never forget they didn't get much support either and likely felt isolated at times too. No one owes anyone anything. No one has to help anyone out - it's a bonus if they do. People are busy, things get forgotten and things get easily misunderstood online. It's hard to appreciate nuance in conversation when you're not face to face.

Just keep on doing what you're doing!


Kat said...

I'm part of a fairly new beauty blog and I've noticed the things you mention too. To stop it from bothering me I just tell myself that if someone isn't human enough to acknowledge my presence (or worse, they resent it) then they're not worth any of my time. There are other blogging ladies who are friendly, chatty, supportive and welcoming. Many of them have already commented on this post! Feck the mean girls, leave them to their childish games and they'll dig their own graves.

Regarding your blog, I echo everything Kirstie said about being "different". I wouldn't be here at all if it were just a mean-girls-blog clone. Please keep doing what you do, otherwise the blogosphere will have lost a unique voice, style and talent.

I feel a deep connection with my furbabies too. I lost one of my bunnies recently to a sudden, unexpected illness and I'm still devastated. I can only imagine how you're feeling right now with that on top of everything else. Just know that your anipals had a wonderful life filled with comfort, joy and love thanks to you.

Unfortunately, "The only way out is through" (Robert Frost). I hope that time brings healing, and that furbabies bring joy to you again soon. Mind yourself.

Actionmags L said...

I can't really say anymore - it's all been said above .. Girls let each other down by being bitchy and jealous and it's just heartbreaking

I don't want to smother you with platatudes but
Don't go changing and
Don't let the bastards drag you down (cause they will try)

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your blog and was anticipating your next topic. Not everyone is a makeup artist by trade, so plz don't think u need to fit a certain mold. Your vids are awesome and u seem so real and adorable. Those assholes are just jealous of your Chanel or Loubitons!

fluff and fripperies said...

I'm so sad to see this and also so surprised and disappointed that this has been your experience. If there is a mean girls clique I've been lucky not to have encountered it - there have been one or two people who have been unfriendly/unwelcoming but for the most part people have been lovely, friendly and chatty - in fact it's partly because of the people that I love blogging so much.

Like so many others I really enjoy your blog and I hope you don't let a few nasty people put you off something you clearly love and have so much talent for.

Give the rest of us a chance to prove that those nasty people were the exception rather than the rule. xo

Sinead said...

Katie, it's unfortunate that you have had to experience some nastiness when you have done nothing to ever deserve it.

I think we've all come up against or been made aware of the type of behaviour you are referencing and it's sad and unfortunate that it exists at all. Take some time off and try to rise above it (they aren't worth your worries!) and we'll all be here to welcome you back whenever you are ready!

I haven't had the pleasure to meet you in person yet but, hopefully someday soon! S x

Art Donatella said...

Thing is, when something stops being fun, it's more probably not worth the time invested...women are awful in general, and bitchy, that's what we do unfortunately :(.

That being said, do what you feel works for you, blog if it makes you happy, as you can probably tell a lot of people love your blog and I have to agree with everything Kirstie says here, although I'm guilty of some of those things myself, I 100% agree!
Much love to you, hope you'll take some time off and then come back with a boom! ArtDonatella xx

jellybones said...

Such a shame. Horrible to hear that you've been made feel that way.

Hopefully you'll be back soon.
All the best, xxxx

Kitty Catastrophe said...

So sorry to hear you've been having a rough time of it Katie. I really enjoy reading your blog and as a fellow pin-up and burlesque fan I absolutely love your style. Do what makes you happy and we'll all be here waiting when you decide to come back to blogging! Look after yourself. x

Neise said...

Hiya Katie, I've only recently come across your blog and I'm sad that you feel like this.

It can be really tough and I know from experience that there are people out there that for reasons want you to fail! It's pathetic and really sad.

I'm still only starting out being only a year into blogging and even recently had a comment said to me that really made me think if what I was doing was any good.

I hope you stick at it and carry on because you are great at what you do. It would be sad to lose a great blogger over people who are probably jealous and that can't create something amazing like you have.

Neise xxx

Eva Tornado said...

Hi! I like your blog, it's so cute! Follow me on Bloglovin: Love&kiss

Anonymous said...

As someone who works in the skincare industry and reads a lot of blogs, yours has always been refreshing and different from the samey samey stuff thats out there, I really hope you can rise above the bulls***t because you are genuinely very good at what you do and I for one will miss your blog x

Melissa said...

I understand how you feel that atmosphere is horrible and really affects everything not just blogging. It wasn't even happening to me and it's putting me off writting and even reading beauty blogs at the min. I'm like you I dont want a thick skin, be yourself and do what you want to do. X

La Dama said...

That's a shame your fabulous!
Dont fall prey amor,Give them hell!