Monday, July 30, 2012

My top three Agent Provocateur sets

Agent provocateur stole my heart at a young age.
Everything about it tickled my fancy, it has continued to do so through out my teen and adult life.
Of course when I spied Dita Von Teese wearing some, I was entirely sold.
If it’s good enough to grace Dita, it’s good enough for me!
I am a huge appreciator of lingerie. I don’t buy it to entice men
it never hurts to have a few jaw dropping pieces stored away...
JUST in case.

When writing this, I am thinking of the whispers and appalled looks it will render on the faces of those who read my blog to simply brand me a harlot.
People can be such prudes. Terribly boring.
“Katie has written about HER UNDERWEAR! I mean REALLY? Has the girl no shame?”
I don’t, but that my dear is beside the point!

I am comfortable showing people what I have and what I like, I am not showing you images of me in it, I am showing you the finely crafted works of (in my oppinion) ART that I appreciate, wear and adore.
No vulgarity here my darlings.

I believe in embracing my body, no matter what its size or shape, I dress to flatter it-
that should not end with the clothing you chose to wear as outer wear
UNDER WEAR should never be neglected.
I absolutely believe in indulging myself once in a while
(even if that means sacrificing a few 3 piece set's from Primark that costs a tenner, it’s worth waiting for something that has REAL pizzazz!)

I have decided to show you my top three Agent Provocateur sets, starting with...

 one of AP’s most iconic ranges.
This set comes in many colours, AP pink& black, black, cream (perfect for weddings) and of course this show stopping red.
Fifi’s bra is lightly padded, offering you great support and lift, everything you look for in a bra.
Fifi is made from pleated tulle, it has an over lay of French Chantilly lace with ribboned seams.
The skirted suspender belt is tiered, perfect for hiding problem areas while at the same time, showing off your figure and leaving the front open to show off the matching brief.


Edith is one of my favourite sets, beautiful French daisy lace, cris cross detailing, satin.
I adore the brief, it’s a large brief that holds you in and peeps you out- The pictures speak for themselves!!
I have shown you the BACK of the knickers, what a knock out!

Cenrillion the ultimate frame and accentuate underwear,
I fell in love with this collection many years ago, I was browsing the underwear department in Brown Thomas when a huge display grabbed my attention. Beautiful mannequins wearing this STUNNING set and play suit.
I had to have it.
I’ve built my collection slowly, buying the bra, then the playsuit and finally the brief and suspender.
The wet look floral embroidery and pretty bows are the epitome of sexy.
I love the ribboned detail, I can not say enough GOOD things about this stunning, unique and quirky set

I hope you’ve liked this post, it’s been a long time coming.
I plan on buying and showing you many, many more pieces
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