Sunday, June 24, 2012

Getting things in order

I am in the middle of a huge bedroom over haul.
I am forever changing things around and reorganizing the layout of my room.
Last night I focused on my underwear section, I wanted to make a display of my Agent Provocateur but couldn’t figure out the best way to do so.
I emptied my wardrobe, laid it all out on my bed and started from there.

Miss AP
I am planning on recording a Vlog about my love for AP, So I wanted to have everything neat and easy to access
Agent Provocateur Stocking
 I decided to take all my Agent Provocateur beauty products and set them on a shelf as opposed to the AP shop window display case my vanity table had become.
I think it looks a lot neater and far more organized. I am trying to minimize dust and this seems like a step in the right direction.

Agent Provocateur beauty products
 I also threw out a lot of junk I hadn’t the heart to part with last month -I am a hoarder.
I hate getting rid of things so I do it in stages.

I went through my jewellery and sell as much of it off as I can.
And finally,  I set up a new blogging area.
A very boring office desk  that is close to my window so I  can avail of natural light for pictures.
The desk itself is handy for storing boxes underneath, they are currently full of products and things I want to write about this week.
I really need a new stool for my desk, the one I have has seen better days!

New Blogging Area

I am FINALLY getting myself organized, can’t wait to get in to the full swing of things and step it up to the next level.
I am currently looking in to getting a camera for recording make up & hair tutorials (of course ‘favourite’ videos)
Things are looking up!
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