Sunday, June 24, 2012

Getting things in order

I am in the middle of a huge bedroom over haul.
I am forever changing things around and reorganizing the layout of my room.
Last night I focused on my underwear section, I wanted to make a display of my Agent Provocateur but couldn’t figure out the best way to do so.
I emptied my wardrobe, laid it all out on my bed and started from there.

Miss AP
I am planning on recording a Vlog about my love for AP, So I wanted to have everything neat and easy to access
Agent Provocateur Stocking
 I decided to take all my Agent Provocateur beauty products and set them on a shelf as opposed to the AP shop window display case my vanity table had become.
I think it looks a lot neater and far more organized. I am trying to minimize dust and this seems like a step in the right direction.

Agent Provocateur beauty products
 I also threw out a lot of junk I hadn’t the heart to part with last month -I am a hoarder.
I hate getting rid of things so I do it in stages.

I went through my jewellery and sell as much of it off as I can.
And finally,  I set up a new blogging area.
A very boring office desk  that is close to my window so I  can avail of natural light for pictures.
The desk itself is handy for storing boxes underneath, they are currently full of products and things I want to write about this week.
I really need a new stool for my desk, the one I have has seen better days!

New Blogging Area

I am FINALLY getting myself organized, can’t wait to get in to the full swing of things and step it up to the next level.
I am currently looking in to getting a camera for recording make up & hair tutorials (of course ‘favourite’ videos)
Things are looking up!


DancingWithDisaster said...

I love you little blogging area. It's fantastic :) great post Hun :)

sasdothat said...

I love your collection, must start investing in AP. I have always loved it but never took the plunge

Steven Brown said...

What a pleasure to see a blog with AMAZING VISUALS! I love it. I hope you can check out my blog and FOLLOW. Be sure to look into the side links as well. Thanks, hope you visit and become an OFFICIAL READER by joining. God Bless!

fluff and fripperies said...

I am insanely jealous of your collection. I have one set - ONE! I am clearly deprived.

WhatKatieDid... said...

Thanks so much, I really have an AP addiction, The sad part is, I thought that was my full collection, But I found more today haha. Def will record a video about it all!

Embur said...

Oh My God!!! I am soooo jealous of your collection and your room!! Keep up the good blogs!!

La Dama said...

Your AP collection is fantastic!
So in love...