Friday, June 15, 2012


Tom Ford Lip Gloss Soiree

Yesterday I decided to spice up my make up.
All this wind and rain is enough to get anyone down, I made it my mission to make myself feel and look (in my humble opinion) presentable.

I focused on making my eyes pop with brown and reds, I wanted my blink to grab the attention so I made my eyes look rather understated when open but powerful when shut.
My usual matt red lip was abandoned and I pulled out a classic lip-gloss:
Tom Ford for Estee Lauder in soiree.

Like everything Tom Ford touches, this lip-gloss is sultry, sexy and empowering.
I do not think his cosmetics range is a load of hype like many have suggested.
My opinion is that the range is pure quality with a price tag to match. 
You get what you pay for and paying for Tom Ford products is something I will continue to do happily.
Lips:Tom Ford,  Eyes:Urban Decay

 I love nothing more, than wearing make-up Tom Ford has had a hand in making. 
Why do I adore it so much?
In short: Tom clearly KNOWS what women like and want women to achieve the look they love.
He tailors both clothes and cosmetics to perfection.

This sounds ridiculous but soiree reminds me of the flush of red your lips get after kissing the person you love. 
Very sultry and understated. 
It is sheer with buildable colour, not sticky and the perfect flushed red.
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Tom Ford for Estee Lauder lipgloss, Tom Ford lipstick, Tom Ford Blusher, Eyeshadow and Lipstick

 Perhaps the makeup I wore with this gloss is not quite as sophisticated as Mr Ford would like, but he had a hand in pulling it all together.
My blush is by Tom, Elements of my eye shadow from his quad and of course my lips with his gloss 
(I even used a little bit of lipstick to stain my eyes to hold the red pigment of the shadow.)

Make up is all about having Fun, and with Tom Ford Products, I have an abundance of it!
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