Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fame Fatale

Lips: MAC Russian Red, Nails:Essence Femme Fatale
I am not the best at the whole nail care routine.
Red nail varnish is almost the exclusive colour of choice for my nails. 
Red nail varnish is renowned for staining, Because of that fact and my addiction to red talons, I try take care of my hands the best I can with minimum effort.
The goal is to avoid dirty looking yellow nails.
I try do do this with the least amount of fuss possible. 

To keep my nails in good condition, I like to keep my cuticles pushed back and only do so when they are suitably moisturised. 
Many people invest in cuticle oils, I don’t usually. 
Every now and again I will use oil but nine times out of ten I simply use hand moisturiser.
I then gently push my cuticles back using a rose wood stick or the soft rubber equivalent.
Cutting cuticles is a bad idea as that can cause infection, cuts and general messiness!
Cutex nail polish remover, Essence Femme Fatale, Oro Gold Hand cream
Once I week I deep cleanse my nails, Removing all nail varnish with a good nail varnish remover.
Once that is done I wash my hands thoroughly and lightly buff and shape my nails using a multi sided buffer.
Infinity Nail Buff
I won’t lie, I never prime my nails. 
I know, I know! but if honesty is to outweigh impressive blogger stuff- I don’t use base or top coats.
I simply lash on my nail varnish and let it dry. 

At the moment I am loving essences fame fatale- a beautiful rich red 
What’s not to love with a name like that!
Voya Time To Shine
I do like my hands to look nice:
I exfoliate them pretty regularly, once a day at least.
At the moment I am using *Voya time to shine body buff all over, I am head over heels in love it is 

exfoliation perfection.
I have a love affair with bleach but a hatred of rubber gloves, to say it takes a toll on my manicure is an understatement. 
Maintaining well moisturised hands is a big deal to me so when possible, I apply a hand cream. 
I am currently using 24k gold hand cream from Oro Gold.
It absorbs in to your skin quickly and most importantly, it is non greasy. 
It is also delicately scented of hyacinths, very beautiful

That really IS my entire hand and nail care routine, cats out of the bag now!
For some reason I am mad in to super unflattering pictures of late.
Nothing beats a good up nose shot. 
The point of this picture was to show you I match my lipstick with my nail varnish.
How arty of me!

*All products in this post were bought and paid for by me, with the exceptions of Voya time to shine-a sample sent to me by Voya’s PR 


Jarrod said...

I love your red lips/nails combo, super cute photos x

makeup monster said...

I love your look, very Dita like!

WhatKatieDid... said...

Well that is a huge compliment for me to receive! Thank you so much.

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

I don't wear red enough. It looks fab on your gorgeous skin though...

La Dama said...

Great tips amor!
Your nails and you are exquistiley bella.

mysteries1984 said...

Lovely look, very pin-up. I have that polish too - it's Fame Fatal, not Femme :)

WhatKatieDid... said...

Thank you so much !
And there was me in shool saying I didn't have dyslexia! I'll amend that ASAP

mysteries1984 said...

I preferred your name to be honest, it sounds much better and makes more sense than 'fame' :) x