Friday, May 11, 2012

A tale of woe and Christian Louboutin high heels...

 The last few months have been horrible. 
In February after my operation I thought that would be the end to the silly drama in my life.
Boy was I wrong!! 
All my  lovely chickens getting killed by a pesky fox, my cat getting injured, my house flooding, my ginger cat dying, my black cat suffering terribly with sore teeth and my court case getting pushed back at the eleventh hour. 
I am accused of allowing my dog dirty on a footpath when the truth is, she was urinating! I won’t be bullied in to paying an unjust fine, I decided to let the council take it to court. The council cancelled two before the case was due to be heard and it is now pushed back till June, ruining my plans to go away. How lovely. 
As I am sure you can deduct, I am emotionally all over the place. 

To make matters slightly more irritable, since my Cholecystectomy I have been suffering from an extremely sore tummy almost all of the time.  
My surgeon scheduled me in to have a procedure done yesterday which involved getting biopsies of my intestines taken to rule out any sinister causes for the constant illness.
I had an absolutely wonderful professor carrying out the procedures 
(colonoscopy and gastroscope
I am looking forward to getting my results and finding out what, if anything detectable is wrong with me. 

On a much brighter note, this morning 

They have cheered me up no end! 
I have been SEARCHING for red eel skin lady peeps for MONTHS. 

I am obsessed with Christian Louboutin heels.
I am just over the moon.
My tale of woe is not all that bad when I think of some things so many people go through.
I DO realize how lucky I am to have such an amazing family, friends and opportunities in my life.
Thank you for all the well wishes and kindness.
 I am so delighted that people read my blog, the irish blogging community really is something amazing. 
And for all my international readers
- You are amazing too!
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