Monday, May 14, 2012

Framing the gateway to your soul

 Anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with eyebrows.
I am an advocate of defining them to the maximum. However,  thanks to my dear friend Google
I have taken a temporary hiatus from my defined way of life. I had a bad experience.
A lot of traffic to my blog via the key word ‘scouse brow’
I am just trying to ease it off and try if possible, to have a more natural brow.
 Recently I have been getting many compliments about my eyebrows, what do I do and do I wax them. 
The key to my success is not being a massive pucker. 
I don’t touch them anymore.  
Naturally I am not a remotely hairy person.  
Plucking my brows to remove excessive amounts of hair is not a priority.
Due to me not plucking where hair would grow naturally my arch is always clean looking. 
There’s teeny tiny light hairs here and there, but that is perfectly acceptable. 
I don’t care if people think my eyebrows are too bushy, 
I refuse to be an actual idiot and “trim” my brows like every beautician would try force me to do: 
Do you know what doing so will achieve?  
Absolutely STUNNING wire like prickly brows that stick out here there and everywhere.
 I think a fuller brow suite my face and how I chose to wear my make-up. 
My look is very much focused on the brows.
To maintain mine all I do is give them the odd tint every now and again using eyebrow dye. 
It just gives them that little bit of extra vibrancy and definition. 
Other than that, I use an angle brush and lightly dip it in to some eye shadow and give them a bit of definition. 
Nothing half as awesome as I used to... I miss you brows haha.

There was a time, when I looked about 40 despite being 21
My brows were skinny lines on my face. 
Not very complimentary..and also the wrong shade.

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