Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Out with the old

Today I put hot rollers in my hair
I never really do but I had a hankering to do so this morning.
I forgot I had them in and begun a quest to find my misplaced passport.

In the process of my search I have ended up getting rid of half my wardrobe.
If there was a pair of heels or dress that was gathering dust,
I stuffed it in to a bag and sent if off to a charity shop! 
I’ve thrown out a serious amount of clothing.
Things that are too well worn and tatty to send on.

I also laid out underwear to keep and that to snip. 
The neon pink bras were the victims of that pile. 
Everything else was saved.
I also discovered I have a million IDENTICAL black corsets- 
I really DO have a type!

It actually feels pretty good, getting rid of old things that have old feelings attached to them. 
With that said, I am silly.
I will hold on to stockings that I have ripped thanks to pesky high heels just because I can’t bare to part with them 
(well that and because they are Agent Provocateur) 
In my moments of strength, I’ve CUT the damaged goods with scissors and binned well worn heels
You can’t keep something that was ruined in the first place due to sentimentality. 
I would label myself an emotional hoarder. 
This clear out is therapeutic for me.
Here is a little peak at my whittled down Aladdin’s den

And here is my hair after the hot roller remembrance.

Oh and no, I didn't find my damn passport.
So unlike me not to know where my things are.
More searching will continue tomorrow!


Not Just On The Inside said...

your so beautiful

Anonymous said...

You suit the curls! Elizabeth x

fluff and fripperies said...

Rollers are so under-rated - the curls look great on you! xo

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Your one of the few bloggers who inspires me to write myself. Please check our my blog sometime.