Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love the skin you’re in

 After my post about my cholecystectomy operation (you can read about HERE) 
I was contacted by Bio Oils PR team in Ireland.
They asked me would I like a bottle sent out to me, I agreed and was promptly sent a package containing the wonderful stuff.

I have heard so much about Bio Oil and I didn't really believe the hype
I was a little skeptical and did not expect to be WOWED!

My largest scar on my stomach is one inch, the other three are all ½ an inch.

For almost two months I have been applying a few drops to my op scars and an old scar on my thigh twice a day.
I massage the oil with my fingertips in a circular motion over my scars until fully absorbed.
It smells divine so it is not a laborious and horrid task.
Bio Oil is jam packed with wonderful ingredients  that enrich your skin
All of which you can see HERE

The main thing I love about Bio Oil? as I said the smell is just YUM, but no not that!
I just LOVE how it leaves your skin glowing and hydrated.
My skin is silky smooth to touch and looks the best it has in a long time thanks to Bio Oil.

My stomach is still quite swollen which is a bummer, Bio Oil can’t help with that, I  have to wait for my body to settle down.
It is now safe for me to exercise again so I am in fat busting mode, hopefully this will help tame the roundness.

The scar on my leg is a good 3.4 inches but has really become almost invisible since using Bio Oil. I’ve also been using it on my breasts to ward off any potential stretch marks for modesties sake, I will refrain from showing you my Boobs haha! 
I highly recommend Bio Oil 
It can do your skin no harm what so ever, and it really does help scarring & stretch marks
Recommended retail price €11.95 (60ml) €19.95(125ml) €27.95(200ml)
Available from Pharmacies, Dunnes, Superquinn and Tesco

For more information see

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