Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bad Hair Day?

 Earlier this week I was contacted by Irish owned hair supplement makers Viviscal. 

My hair has DEFINATELY thinned out after my illness, it’s looking a bit MEH!.
I am also TRYING to speed up the grow out of my horrific fringe. 
Never let me loose with scissors ever again.

 I had been using another supplement “hair food” by a well known retailer but it didn’t really do anything for me so I took particular interest in Viviscals e-mail.

In it they attached a survey carried out on their behalf by iReach in March 2012 outlining the lengths (no pun intended) Irish men & women go to maintain their hair and the effect bad hair can have on self confidence.  The facts shocked me- Some people are still shelling out as much as 100 euro a month to maintain and look after their locks despite the recession.  I don’t think I spend 100 euro a year on my hair... well I buy shampoo and conditioner but nothing mad expensive.
The rest of the statistics shows that nearly half of everyone asked uses heated hair appliances and hair dye.

Viviscal have sent me some Viviscal Maximum Strength to try out.
I am really hoping this product is as good as it promises to be. 
It is a supplement said to promote existing hair growth, a natural boost in the condition, strength and re- growth of their hair.  When I start taking the product I will let you know if I see any notable difference in my hair and of course if I think it is worth the retail price of €49.95 for 60 tablets.

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