Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dita Von Teese Make up Look

This post is inspired by the stunning Dita Von Teese
 A terribly hard act to follow make-up and looks wise.
This has been one of the most requested looks for me to do, so finally here it is
Katie Von Dita.

For this look I suggest you do not try pale yourself down. 

I encourage you to wear your normal foundation to avoid the white face, dark neck scenario. 

Once you have your foundation applied dip a fluffy brush in to a woody brown eye shadow, tap off the brush then dip the same brush in to a charcoal black colour.
Apply the mix of colours over your eyelid and blend out on your socket.
 Using a thin brush, apply an old antique gold colour under your eye.

 Moving away from your eyes momentarily:
line your lips carefully with a brick red liner to get the desired shape. 
Once lined apply a woody, red lipstick.

 Back to the eyes, with a darkest black liquid eyeliner line your upper lid in a cat flick style and lash on your mascara.

Using a baby pink blusher, apply a little dab a little where you flush naturally.
 Finally very lightly define your eyebrows.
To give the look the ultimate Dita flare, using your liquid liner draw on a little beauty spot.
 And that is it!
So simple, yet very effective and very glamourous.
What do you think? Personally because I love Dita, I love this look!

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