Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Katie is about to do next...

We are having such amazing weather here in Ireland at the moment, I am loving it.
Due to unexpected sunny distractions I have not blogged half as much as I had planned to so far this week.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have a brand new natural day to day make up tutorial posted using a few new products I have bought recently:
Illamasqua Skin Base foundation
Illamasqua Halcyon highlighter 
Essence Dance All Night & Blockbuster eyeshadow
& a pretty Essence nail varnish called Glamorous life- 
how could I pass it by with a name like that?

Hope everyone is keeping well


Girlwiththeskew-earring said...


danielle said...

lovely pic, what shade of foundation do you use i can never get one pale enough for my skin, even my mac is too dark x

WhatKatieDid... said...

Thank you Danielle, I wear a custom blend of illamasquas white and 115 rich liquid foundation.

La Dama said...

Your skin is even more stunning in the sun.
I been thinking of getting Illamasquas foundation, I don't usually wear foundation.

CeeCee said...

Hello, I'm new! Wow, love those eyeliner flicks! You're like a 50's movie star, very cool.x