Friday, March 30, 2012

Something a little different

Today I wanted to post the first make up tutorial I have done in a very long time
I hope you like the finished look

You will need:
A matt vanilla eyeshadow
A sparkling white
pink blush
a nice foundation
 a highlighter (for your skin, not a marker)

First step apply vaseline to lips.
Lightly apply your foundation evenly all over your skin.  
I used Illamasqua skin base in 002, a fantastic foundation. 
I filled in my eyebrows using MAC carbon with an angle brush.  
I also coated my lashes in mascara accidentally as I forgot I was doing a tutorial.
Sorry about that, I usually apply mascara AFTER I apply eye shadow.
 Using a fluffy brush I lightly applied Essences ‘block buster’ matt effect eye shadow
It is a neutral shade and perfect for pale skin like mine. 
I didn’t want this look to be a very obvious dolled up look, I wanted it to look as subtle as possible. 
 I then patted essences ‘dance all night’ on to my brow bone to define my eyes. 
It gave it a whiter glow & has miniscule flakes of gold through it to warm the look up.

 To luminate my cheeks I dotted Illamasquas highlighter to give a my skin a glow, blending it out with my finger .
I did the same my nose 
 Taking Macs coy girl I dotted it on the apples of my cheeks and blended it out as much as possible. 
I wanted my cheeks to look lightly flushed.
 To brighten my eyes, I took Top Shop white liner and filled in my bottom water line
The finished look

 Do not forget

to apply mascara-  don't neglect your lower lashes or you may look a little alien like what with all the white on your eyes.
 Also apply another little rub of your tinted vaseline to let your lips natural beauty shine through.

Looking at myself without winged eyeliner and red lips is a shock to the system, but for the hotter days a more toned down look is a nice change.

What do you think?
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