Friday, March 23, 2012

Back to Black (and white)

To hell with being natural!!!
The next time you hear a friend who once had dyed black hair say they want to 'grow in' their natural shade, like I did, remind them of the AGONY of the growing in period. 
I should have been using a semi perm black on my roots, but I wanted to go 100% chemical free.
Oh how wrong I was.

 My brownish, reddish, blondish natural roots (which at this stage were beyond my ear) were driving me mad. Its like my natural hair didn't know WHAT shade it wanted to be anymore.
The last time I had tinted my hair, my best friend was pregnant...her baby turns one next month.

Today I grabbed the bull by the horns and decided to GET MY HAIR DONE.
I actually paid someone to do my hair, this NEVER happens.
I usually tint, cut, destroy my hair all by myself. But today, I was desperate for a quick fix.

I went to the edge salon in Dundalk and asked for a semi permanent black and my white flash re-bleached.
And here are the results, I am SO HAPPY to have my hair sleek and black again, I love it.
The edge is a great salon, I was desperately in need of some hair T.L.C

What do you think?!
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