Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Dress 17euro Penneys

I really WAS getting better at the whole blogging regularly thing!
I went away for a little break last week & planned to post a few more step by step make up looks when I returned.
 Unfortunately 6 of my pet chickens were killed by a stoat the morning I arrived home.
My Friday was spent with my mum nursing a cockerel back to health. 
I was actually pretty upset about the poor chickens.
To make matters worse, on Saturday morning I discovered my poor cat in my garden unable to walk.
Long and very upsetting story short: His pelvis has been broken due to being kicked by some cruel and horrid person (who in my opinion is undeserved of breath).
If I ever find out who hurt this poor creature, they will be made pay.

My dog Poppy with Baby- Pops is clearly sad that her little friend baby is sick her little eyes look so sad.
 On to the more beauty/style related stuff.
For Easter Sunday I decided to wear a bright pink dress teamed with my pink Louboutins.
To be honest the dress didn’t suit me, it made my chest look huge and not in a good way! 
I liked the pink against my skin,  I didn't think pale skin and hot pink would look nice but in my personal opinion, it did. Plus it made a nice change from my usual black. 

During the week I will have happier more beauty related blogs up, defiantly make up step by steps and  a ‘haul’ showing you a few bits and pieces I bought when I was away.
I am also waiting the arrival of a new Tom Ford lipstick to review for you all! HAPPY DAYS!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter and enjoyed indulging in some guilt free chocolate!


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