Monday, March 12, 2012

My Love Affair with Christian Louboutin

This morning I was woken by the delivery of the most stunning pair of pumps I have ever seen
Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120mm
 one of the most iconic CL pumps in the Classique collection.
These were a loving gift to me from the most generous, lovely and beautiful gentleman I know.
I am in absolute awe that anyone would do something so kind and thoughtful for me.  
I am over the moon, Lost for words and an emotional wreck.

 Some people say luxury shoes are silly, unnecessary and a vulgar display of wealth, I disagree.
If you work for something, no matter how long it takes you to save for it, you are WORTH it, you DESERVE it and you MUST enjoy every second your purchase brings you. 
But for someone to have parted money and purchases a luxury item for me... 
It melts my heart. 
I feel so valued and as materialistic as that sounds, I do not care. 
I am entirely consumed by happiness.

You can see my Pink Louboutins HERE

To top it off, My dear friend Dean gave me two entirely wonderful gifts yesterday. 
Geisha tea (you can read the meaning behind this gift HERE)
And a stunning book all about how to throw a vintage tea party, I am known for throwing dinner parties, this book is just PERFECT.
It is filled with recipes, hair and beauty tips and even the perfect pattern to make your own apron *swoon*

I also have a lovely pair of brand new earrings courtesy of my dear Jarrod 
(you can see them in the pictures of me looking awfully smug)

My beautiful Godmother Majella bought me the most dainty little tea cup and saucer. 
Silver with a beautiful bird painted on the inside. 
I adore it. 
It is so beautiful I dare not drink out of it until a very 
special occasion and on that day I shall be sipping my Geisha tea.

Also, My mum bought me this adorable cake stand- 
Are you seeing the theme yet?
Okay, I get the hint everyone , High tea tomorrow? 
Thank you ALL so much.  My heart is filled with love. 
I am so content.

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