Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am blessed to have some of the most exquisite friends a girl could ask for.
When I took ill, I was overwhelmed with the kindness so many of my friends showed me.  
Through tender words, supportive visits, lovely gifts and most importantly, company. 

I recently have reevaluated my life and have decided to treasure the people who matter most to me. 
In this post, I intend to. 

For some reason, people find it okay to shout at me form halfway across the street or approach me and tell me I am ‘too white’.  
In fairness I get more compliments than insults, and the majority of the people I encounter are harmless and genuinely interested in my style.  
The problem is I am a painfully shy and self-conscious.

In London I was riding the tube (where you cant just walk away smiling) with a dear friend, Dean, when a bubbly chap decided to talk to me, very loudly. 
“Are you some sort of a ...what do you call ‘em? Geisha?”
I was somewhat embarrassed, people started to look at me. 
He was a nice boy, and I don't think he was trying to insult me, it was a compliment but I felt judged and in general a bit bad about myself. 
I thought to myself something along the lines of 'why can people not just accept I like to stay pale without wanting to be something I am not?'.
Regardless of how I felt, I laughed and partook in a little chit chat telling him my pale complexion was down to the Irish sunshine.
I never mentioned it upsetting me to Dean.
It was something I had forgotten about, entirely. Until this little gem of a message was sent to me...
I think it speaks volumes as to the kind of wondrous and lovely friend this man is.
It genuinely touched me. Like Dean used to in the back of Maths class, much to the horror of many a timid teacher.
 Yes Dean does Photoshop pictures of me to make it look like I am some massive evil smoking blob, but that message means more to me than he will ever probably know.

 Dean is an all round good guy, Yes we have our periods of not talking, never any malice intended just moving in different circles but Dean always shows what he is made of. 
Top quality stuff.

This is a guy who  baked me buns for me and delivered them with loads of DVD’s  by 10 am the previous night keeping me company the day after getting home.
He can be a real gent when the mood strikes,
 Not too often mind!
I can never thank him enough for the years of friendship we have shared. He has brought many a smile, frown and look of exacerbation to this face. 
I am lucky to know him.

You can read Deans blog HERE he is an extremely talented writer, even if he did steal all my snide jokes in English class.
Or you can watch him HERE on RTE's Apartment Red

Thank you for everything Dean, you horrible little monster.
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