Monday, February 27, 2012

Red lips and me

 I am pretty sure 99.9% of you are sick looking at me looking the same, I am sorry but my daily make up routine reflects my love for all things glamour.

My lips are red, my skin is pale, eyes are lined and my cheeks are rouged.

At this point in my life it is undisputedly my trade mark.   I feel naked without red lips. Even when I am actually naked the last thing to come off is my lipstick!.
 I have been wearing Macs Ruby Woo for almost a decade. When you find the red that suits you, stick with it.  Don’t get me wrong, my red lipstick collection is large enough to sink a ship, but I always come back to my one true love.
 Katie’s red lips have been the bane of many a barman’s life. 
I have destroyed myself, friends and boyfriends with my ruby red kisses.  Strangely though your mouth will evolve over time and do everything in its power to keep your kisser kissable. 

Meals out with friends often has them looking at me and remarking that throughout the VAST amounts of yum I eat, my lips remain intact.  There is no secret, I am just used to it. My red lips stay intact through thick or thin...unless I am feeling amorous, there is NO WAY to escape a kiss without a smudge.  
Strangely enough I like that lipstick effect too...
And there is small minority of gents who don’t mind it either!

 Today I felt like setting off my lips with a red flowing top &pair of heels. Since I don’t have a tripod and my camera is huge, getting full bodied pictures without asking someone to take one for me is near impossible.

So here is a shot of me on my bed, trying to fit all of me and my legs in, I failed miserably so here is an extra shot of my shoes.... I know, I am SO photographically talented. Ahem.

I have a feeling I won’t be drastically changing how I look anytime soon. 
I am happy. 
Oh and note I wore my hair down, I have PROMISED myself to do so more often!

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